'WhatsApp Business'


1. Facebook-owned WhatsApp launched a new stand-alone app, called WhatsApp Business, designed to help small businesses easily connect with their customers.

2. WhatsApp Business can be downloaded on the Google Play Store.

3.The app adds several new features including verified business profiles, smart messaging tools like quick replies, greeting messages and away messages, and messaging metrics. 

4. As of now, WhatsApp Business is aimed at smaller companies, but it plans to add an enterprise solution geared toward larger businesses, like airlines and banks, with a global customer base. 

5. The move to launch an app dedicated to businesses represents the fruition of several months of work by Facebook to monetize WhatsApp.

6. The launch of WhatsApp Business has given the messaging service a completely new dimension. 

7. WhatsApp Business gives companies and customers an official and secure way to communicate with each other.

8. WA Business also brings with it an interesting new function; it allows you to hook up your WhatsApp account using a landline number instead of your mobile number.

9. Although WhatsApp Business is designed for use by businesses, anybody can download the app. You will still need a mobile phone to run the app but you’ll be able to register your landline number instead of the number associated with your SIM card.

10. Once you’ve downloaded WhatsApp Business all you have to do is tell the app that you won’t be registering your mobile number but rather your landline. Normally WhatsApp sends an SMS to verify your number but for landlines, you’ll have to select the Call Me option.

11. After you receive the call and verify your number, you’ll be able to use WhatsApp Business with your landline number the same you use WhatsApp 
with your mobile number.

You should also know

1. You can use the WhatsApp Business app and your personal WhatsApp app on the same phone with different numbers.

2. Other than these new features, the WhatsApp Business app still has all the regular features like WhatsApp Web, broadcasts etc.

3. You can use a landline number on WhatsApp Business.

4. Customers will be notified that they are, or may be, chatting with a business account, depending on if the business has been verified or not.

5. Individuals still have control over their messages — a person can block a business account or report spam as usual.

Key features of WhatsApp Business app:

The key features of this new Whatsapp Business app are as follows:

1. Special Business Profiles that can contain more information than general user profiles. You can include your website, address with location, office timings, email address and more. These profiles will be easily recognizable and people will know that they’re talking to a business.

2. Better messaging tools that will allow you to communicate in a better way with your customers. For example, you can set up away messagesthat will be automatically sent to your customers when they message you at a time other than your office time. 

You can also set greeting messages that will be sent automatically when someone messages you for the first time, and quick replies that will allow you to quickly answer the frequently asked questions without having to type the answer manually several times.

3. Mass analysis of user statistics.For instance, you will be able to see the number of messages read, and also a number of other things to figure out what’s working and what’s not.

4. Just like normal WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Business app will also work with WhatsApp web so you can send and receive messages from a computer.



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