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Area 51 Gets Cool Reviews on Google Maps

(Nov. 29) -- In the worlds of weird, conspiracy theories and government cover-ups, a leading contender for top honors would definitely be Area 51 -- the secret military installation located in a Nevada desert -- that's allegedly home to alien spaceships.

And now, with the ever-popular Google Maps site, online users have been taking jabs at Area 51.

Google Maps allows Web surfers to easily find and make maps by offering street maps, route planners and satellite images.

Barry King, WireImage A sign posted outside of Area 51 near Rachel, Nev. So it's not surprising that visitors checking out Area 51 on Google Maps would leave some comments on what they found.

"There was this guy in a black suit there. Said something about swamp gas and light from Venus. The rest is kind of hazy," one Google reviewer recently wrote.

Area 51, also commonly referred to as Groom Lake and Dreamland, is an actual military base, located on the shore of a salt flat called Groom Lake, about 80 miles no…