Qatar Airways Is Voted The World’s Best Airline 2019


Airline leaders and top airline management from across the globe today attended the 2019 World Airline Awards held at Paris Air Show to receive their accolades voted for by customers. 

Qatar Airways scooped the top award being named the World’s Best Airline, together with awards for the World’s Best Business Class, the World’s Best Business Class Seat and the Best Airline in the Middle East. 

Singapore Airlines won a top accolade as the World’s Best Cabin Crew, and was also honoured with awards for the World’s Best First Class, the Best Airline in Asia and the World’s Best First Class Seat.

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, Mr Akbar Al Baker, said: “We are thrilled to be globally recognised by our customers by winning these four prestigious awards. 

Becoming the first airline to be named as ‘Airline of the Year’ for the fifth time is a landmark achievement and, combined with three other major Skytrax awards, it is testament to the tireless efforts of the entire Qatar Airways team. 

It is a proud moment for the airline as our constant innovation and service standards set the benchmark in our industry.”

Edward Plaisted of Skytrax said: “To be named as the World’s Best Airline is a great recognition of Qatar Airways high standards, and recognises the hard work and dedication from every member of staff to satisfy customers. 

To achieve this accolade for a fifth time is a remarkable achievement, and we congratulate them for this unique success. 

All of today’s award winning airlines are voted for by customers, and the focus of our annual survey is for travellers to make their own, personal choices as to which airlines they consider to be best. 

We operate the survey and awards in a 100% independent and impartial format according to the commitment we gave back in 1999, and whilst every winner may not be the favourite of everyone, those that disagree should understand that these are the Passenger’s Choice Awards.”

The World’s Top 10 Airlines of 2019

Qatar Airways
Singapore Airlines
ANA All Nippon Airways
Cathay Pacific
Hainan Airlines
Qantas Airways
Thai Airways


World’s Best Cabin Staff 2019

Singapore Airlines
Garuda Indonesia
ANA All Nippon Airways
Thai Airways
Cathay Pacific
Hainan Airlines
Japan Airlines
Qatar Airways
China Airlines

World’s Best Low-Cost Airlines 2019

Southwest Airlines
Jetstar Airways

The World’s Cleanest Airlines

Japan Airlines
ANA All Nippon Airways
Singapore Airlines
Asiana Airlines
Hainan Airlines/
Swiss Int’l Air Lines
Cathay Pacific
Qatar Airways


Libra: Facebook Launches Cryptocurrency In Bid To Shake Up Global Finance


Facebook says Libra is a “global currency and financial infrastructure”. In other words, it is a digital asset built by Facebook and powered by a new Facebook-created version of blockchain, the encrypted technology used by bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Why is it called Libra?

The name Libra comes from the basic Roman measurement of weight. The abbreviation lb for pound is derived from Libra, and the £ symbol originally comes from an ornate L in Libra.

Why is Facebook launching a cryptocurrency, and are they allowed?

Facebook claims it wants to reach the 1.7 billion people around the world who do not have access to a bank account.

The company is likely to run into regulatory hurdles and antitrust concerns, especially at a time when many regulators want to break up Facebook, but no specific legislation has been put forth ahead of the launch. Amidst rumours of Facebook’s new financial expansion, members of the US Senate wrote to CEO Mark Zuckerberg in May asking for clarification on privacy concerns.

Who is in charge of Libra?

The currency will be serviced by a collective of companies called the “Libra Association”. It functions as what is known as a “stablecoin”, pegged to existing assets like the dollar or euro, in the aim of making it less subject to the volatility that many cryptocurrencies experience.

The Libra Association is described by Facebook as an independent, not-for-profit organisation based in Switzerland. It serves two main functions: to validate transactions on the Libra blockchain and to manage the reserve Libra is tied to and allocate funds to social causes.

Within the Libra Association will be a governing body called the Libra Association Council, comprised of a representative of each member of the association, which will vote on policy and operating decisions.

Facebook claims that although it created the Libra Association and the Libra Blockchain, once the currency is launched in 2020 the company will withdraw from a leadership role and all members of the association will have equal votes in governance of Libra.

The companies who contributed a minimum of $10m(£8m) to be listed as founding members of the Libra Association include tech companies such as PayPal, Ebay, Spotify, Uber and Lyft, as well as financial and venture capital firms such as Andreessen Horowitz, Thrive Capital, Visa and Mastercard.

How can I use it?

When the cryptocurrency launches, users can download Calibra, a digital wallet, that will allow them to send it to anyone with a smartphone. It will be available in Messenger, WhatsApp, and as a standalone app.

It is not clear which countries the coin will launch in first, though Facebook said “almost anybody” in the world with a smartphone will be able to download the app.

What can you buy with it?

Facebook will launch Calibra, the Libra digital wallet, to allow users to send money to and from each other.

Apart from transactions on the app itself, Facebook wants to facilitate the use of Libra at various vendors for day-to-day transactions.

Ride-hailing firms Uber and Lyft are early investors in the project, suggesting that perhaps users will be able to pay for services on the apps using Libra, though neither company responded to a request for comment.

Is this safe?

There are a number of privacy concerns regarding a financial app run by Facebook. The company said it will implement technologies to prevent money laundering and fraud.

“We will be using all the same verification and anti-fraud processes that banks and credit cards use, and we’ll have automated systems that will proactively monitor activity to protect and prevent fraudulent behaviour,” Facebook said.

It also claims it will have “live support” to help users who lose access to accounts and, if a user loses money through fraud, Facebook has offered refunds.

Facebook’s Libra Blockchain will be built on open source code that allows the developer and research community to monitor it for design and security flaws, and the company will implement a “bug bounty” program to incentivise security experts to point out vulnerabilities in the platform.

How will this make Facebook money?

Libra will be sustained through a small charge per transaction on the blockchain, Facebook said. Many of these charges will be transferred to vendors who can then absorb the costs themselves or relay them to users.

Is Facebook going to sell my crypto data to ad companies?
Facebook claims it will keep financial data from transactions on Libra separate from user ad profiles. The blockchain is “pseudonymous”, the company said and, like many crypto networks, will allow users to hold one or more addresses not linked to their real-life identities.

“Calibra customers’ account information and financial data will not be used to improve ad targeting on the Facebook, Inc family of products,” the company said.

Sources The Guardian

AirAsia Syarikat Penerbangan Tambang Rendah Terbaik Dunia 2019


PARIS: AirAsia memenangi Syarikat Penerbangan Tambang Rendah Terbaik Dunia bagi 11 tahun berturut-turut di Anugerah Syarikat Penerbangan Dunia Skytrax 2019.

Selain itu ia juga dipilih sebagai Syarikat Penerbangan Tambang Rendah Terbaik Asia dan Kabin Premium Syarikat Penerbangan Tambang Rendah Terbaik Dunia bagi tempat duduk Premium Flatbed, yang terdapat dalam pesawat jarak jauh AirAsia X.

Pengerusi Eksekutif AirAsia Group Bhd, Datuk Kamarudin Meranun, berkata anugerah berkenaan adalah satu penghormatan atas komitmen AirAsia menawarkan perjalanan mampu milik dan perkhidmatan mengutamakan pelanggan untuk diiktiraf Skytrax bagi 11 tahun berturut-turut.

“Hakikatnya anugerah ini adalah berdasarkan maklum balas langsung dan ia adalah pengiktirafan yang menggembirakan untuk seluruh warga AirAsia yang telah banyak berusaha dan memberikan komitmen kepada kecemerlangan perkhidmatan untuk pelanggan kami,” katanya dalam kenyataan di sini, Selasa.

Kenyataan itu diedarkan semasa majlis anugerah itu yang berlangsung di Pameran Udara Paris Antarabangsa kali ke-53 di Le Bourget di sini.

Skytrax turut menamakan Qatar Airways sebagai Syarikat Penerbangan Terbaik Tahun Ini.

Sementara itu, Pengerusi AirAsia X, Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, berkata anugerah terbabit membuktikan tempoh sembilan tahun menjadi yang terbaik di dunia dalam kategori berkenaan dan ia didedikasikan kepada seluruh warga AirAsia yang berpegang teguh kepada budaya, misi dan visi korporat syarikat.

“Kami sekali lagi diiktiraf atas perkhidmatan menyediakan Kabin Premium Syarikat Tambang Rendah Terbaik Dunia dalam penerbangan jarak jauh kami.

“Tahun ini, kami akan pergi lebih jauh dengan menawarkan keselesaan dalam penerbangan yang terbaik menerusi pesawat Airbus A330neo baharu, pesawat yang akan mengubah pengalaman perjalanan jarak jauh.

“Digabungkan dengan perkhidmatan dalam penerbangan yang cukup terkemuka sebagai syarikat penerbangan tambang rendah jarak jauh, AirAsia X akan terus berusaha menawarkan perkhidmatan yang berbaloi kepada pelanggan ke 30 destinasi di 10 pasaran di seluruh rangkaian jarak jauh AirAsia Group,” katanya dalam kenyataan yang sama.

Anugerah Syarikat Penerbangan Dunia Skytrax, diperkenalkan pada 1999 dan bersifat bebas serta tidak berpihak, merupakan penanda aras kecemerlangan global bagi syarikat penerbangan.

Ia juga terkenal sebagai anugerah ‘Oscars’ bagi industri penerbangan.

Keputusan bagi anugerah tahun ini ditentukan melalui kaji selidik ke atas 21.65 juta pelanggan dengan 100 kewarganeraan yang menilai lebih 300 syarikat penerbangan mulai Ogos 2018 sehingga Mei 2019.

Setakat ini, AirAsia mengendalikan rangkaian lebih 140 destinasi dari 25 hab di 22 pasaran.

Bagi meraikan kemenangan ini, AirAsia akan melanjutkan jualan besar-besaran AirAsia sehingga 23 Jun, 2019 dengan tambang bermula serendah RM12 untuk penerbangan dari Kuala Lumpur ke pelbagai destinasi domestik dan daripada RM89 bagi penerbangan antarabangsa, tertakluk kepada terma dan syarat. 


This is the million-year history of the Australian continent

Photo: WEF

The Australian continent has a remarkable history — a story of isolation, desiccation and resilience on an ark at the edge of the world.

It is a story of survival, ingenuity, and awe-inspiring achievements over many years.

Shortly after the dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago, Australia was torn from the supercontinent of Gondwana by immense tectonic forces and began its long, lonely, journey north towards the equator.

The lush temperate forests of Gondwana slowly disappeared as the Australian landmass pushed north, preserving a snapshot of faunal life from a much earlier evolutionary time.

This antipodean ark carried a bizarre cargo of marsupials who were spared the fate of their kin on other continents who were decimated by the rise of placental mammals.

Collision course

By about 5 million years ago the slow-motion collision of Australia into the Pacific and Indian tectonic plate began to push-up the now four-kilometre high mountains of central New Guinea.

This collision also formed the small stepping stones of islands across the Wallace Line which almost, but never quite, connected Australia to Asia through the Indonesian archipelago. They will meet in another 20 million years or so and Australia will become a vast appendix of the Asian landmass.

At the beginning of the Pleistocene period around 2.8 million years ago, global climate began to cycle dramatically between glacial periods, or ice ages, and interglacials, the warm phases between them. As the ice sheets waxed and waned over these cycles, each lasting between 50,000 and 100,000 years, sea levels rose and fell by up to 125 metres.


At times of lower sea level Australia, New Guinea and Tasmania were joined to form the single continent we know as Sahul.

A wide brown land

While remnants of the Gondwanan forests persisted in cooler and wetter parts like Tasmania and high in the Australian Alps, the continent became a wide brown land of desert, grassland and savanna; of droughts and flooding rains.

Fast forward to 130,000 years ago to a period scientists call the last interglacial — the stretch of time between the last two ice ages. This was a time when Australia’s climate and landscape looked a like lot it does today.

Sea levels were perhaps a few metres higher and marsupial megafauna ruled the land.

Kangaroos that could browse on leaves growing on trees three metres from the ground, three ton wombat-like Diprotodons and giant flightless birds the size of a moa (Genyornis newtonii) foraged across the landscape. These monsters became meals for the carnivorous marsupial lion (Thylacoleo carniflex) and the 4.5m long venomous goanna Megalania.

A strange menagerie indeed had evolved on the evolutionary ark that became Australia!

Meandering rivers channelled monsoon rains from the north into Australia’s vast arid centre. Kati-Thanda (Lake Eyre) was 25 metres deep and joined up with Lake Frome and other smaller basins to create a massive inland water body the size of Israel, with a volume equivalent to 700 Sydney harbours.

When sea levels dropped

Over the next 70,000 years or so the ice slowly began to build up on Antarctica and in the northern Hemisphere. As a result, sea levels dropped, exposing huge areas of once drowned land as Australia once more joined its island neighbours to form the enlarged continent of Sahul.

About this time a new kind of placental mammal – Homo sapiens – had begun to move out of Africa, and would eventually make its home across Asia.

Around 74,000 years ago, the Mt Toba volcano’s supereruption — the largest in the last 2 million years – spread 800 cubic kilometres of volcanic ash and debris widely across Asia.

By plunging the planet into a long volcanic winter, Mt Toba may have delayed human ancestors making their way out of Africa to our doorstep. However, sometime before 50,000 years ago Homo sapiens finally reached Southeast Asia.

Along the way they ignored or joined with earlier evolutionary cousins including Homo erectus, Homo neanderthalensis, Homo floresiensis (the ‘hobbit’), the new kid on the block Homo luzonensis, and the enigmatic Denisovans.

And so, the most potent placental mammal to ever walk the earth was now poised to enter a continent dominated by ancient marsupial giants – Sahul.

The first Australians

Making landfall on Sahul was no easy task and says much about the capabilities of the first people who entered the continent; the first Australians.

Even with sea level 70 metres lower than today the journey by any route involved at least six island hops followed by a final open ocean crossing of around 100 kilometres before Australia could be reached.

Of course, this is science’s story; for many Indigenous Australians their ancestors have always been here.

The peopling of Sahul didn’t happen by chance. Genetic research suggests hundreds to thousands of people must have purposely made the crossing. The success of these mariners speaks much of their abilities as also demonstrated by their rock art, jewellery, advanced stone tool technologies, watercraft construction and burial rituals, in the region, all before 40,000 years ago.

The time of human arrival has been progressively pushed back over the last few decades. It’s now widely accepted that humans first made landfall on Sahul by 50,000 years ago, or perhaps even as early as 65,000 years ago.

It’s also clear that once people arrived, they settled the continent very rapidly. In only a few thousand years people were living from the western desert coasts to the highly productive (now dry) Willandra Lakes in western New South Wales.

Once every nook and cranny was occupied movement became restricted – Aboriginal people stayed on their particular country, literally, for the next 50,000 years.

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What happened to the megafauna?

The impact that human arrival had on the marsupial continent of Sahul remains hotly contested. Many have argued that people wiped out the megafauna within a few thousand years of arriving.

But there’s now clear evidence that some megafauna lived on beyond this time. If landfall was at 65,000 years, it would show that people and megafauna coexisted for a very long time.

There’s also a body of opinion that suggests climate change, as the world headed into the last ice age, wiped out populations of megafauna already under stress.

The large inland lakes, in total about the size of England, began to dry out from around 50,000 years ago. This drying has been ascribed to natural climate change and human modification of the environment through burning and the hunting of megafauna.

Sahul, during the last ice age (beginning 30,000 years ago and peaking 20,000 years ago) was cold – around 5 degrees colder – and much drier than present. Sea level was 125 metres lower and, as a consequence the continent was almost 40% larger than it is today.

Shifting sand dunes expanded over much of the arid interior, ice caps and glaciers expanded over interior Tasmania, the southern highlands of New South Wales and along the mountainous spine of New Guinea.

Strong winds carried dust from the now dry interior lake basins southeast into the Tasman Sea and northwest into the Indian Ocean. A large brackish inland sea, bigger than Tasmania, occupied the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Humans and animals alike retreated into locations where water and food were more assured in a broader inhospitable landscape – some perhaps around the coastal fringes of Sahul.

When sea levels rise again

Ten thousand years later and everything began to rapidly change again. From shortly after 20,000 years ago global climate began to warm and the planet’s ice sheets began to collapse. The water flooded back into the oceans and sea-levels began to rise, at times up to a whopping 1.5 centimetres per year.

In some parts of Sahul this shifted the coastline inland by 20 metres or more in a given year. This radical reconfiguration of the coastline went on for thousands of years with a significant impact on Aboriginal societies.

This history is recorded today in Aboriginal oral histories of coastal flooding and migration from this time. As sea level rise squeezed people into a rapidly shrinking landmass, population density rose and in turn may have ushered in a new era of social, technological and economic change in Aboriginal societies.

Sea level rise severed the connections to Tasmania and New Guinea for the final time, reaching a peak about 1-2 metres above modern levels some 8,000 years ago, thereafter stabilising slowly to pre-twentieth century levels.

Climate settled into a pattern broadly similar to present, with the last few thousand years seeing increased intensity of the El Nino-La Nina climate cycles leading to the boom and bust cycles we live with today.

Over the last 10,000 years, Aboriginal populations increased, possibly in the later stages with the help of the recent placental mammal import, the dingo.

When Europeans invaded Sahul’s ancient shores, one blink of an eye ago, there were perhaps more than 1,000,000 people in 250 language groups across the continent.

They had not only survived, but thrived, on the driest inhabited continent on earth for 50,000 years or more.

What an epic story! And there is so much more to learn.


Malaysia Airlines Tawar Diskaun 50 Peratus


MALAYSIA Airlines menawarkan potongan harga sehingga 50 peratus untuk kadar tambang bermula 28 April hingga 8 Mei nanti melalui kempen Ultimate Travelicious Deals.

Ketua Pegawai Perolehannya, Ignatius Ong berkata, pelanggan yang merancang perjalanan ke destinasi antarabangsa berpeluang menikmati kadar tambang bagi kelas Ekonomi serendah RM379 ke Phuket, Kochi (dari RM399) dan Bali (RM629).

“Malah, bagi perjalanan ke China, kami menawarkan tambang serendah RM589 ke Nanjing, dari RM689 (Hong Kong) dan dari RM1,089 (Shanghai).

“Bagi laluan ke Perth, kami menawarkan tambang bermula dari RM999, Seoul (dari RM1,099), Tokyo (dari RM1,199) dan London (dari RM2,499),” katanya dalam kenyataan di Kuala Lumpur, hari ini.

Sementara itu, menurutnya pelanggan yang tidak membawa sebarang bagasi tambahan boleh menikmati tambang Economy Lite bagi destinasi domestik yang bermula pada harga serendah RM69 ke Pulau Pinang dan Langkawi, dari RM99 (Kuching) dan dari RM159 (Kota Kinabalu).

“Tawaran ini sah untuk perjalanan dari 29 April 2019 hingga 31 Mac 2020,” katanya.

AirAsia Tawar Harga Gila-Gila Lagi, Diskaun Tiket 70% Untuk Semua Penerbangan


INFO TRAEVL & PENERBANGAN | Ini merupakan saat-saat yang ditunggu oleh anda yang gemar melancong kerana AirAsia kini menawarkan diskaun sebanyak 70% ke semua destinasi.

Promosi ini telah bermula sejak 22 April 2019 dan akan berakhir pada 28 April 2019 ini untuk penerbangan pada tarikh 1 October 2019 hingga 2 Jun 2020.


Akan tetapi, promosi ini hanya tersedia pada kelas tambang terpilih sahaja dan bukan pada waktu puncak. 

Jadi apa tunggu lagi? Ini peluang untuk anda membeli tiket dengan harga promosi tertakluk pada terma dan syarat terutama sekali buat anda yang gemar membeli tiket disaat akhir.

RMS Carpathia Hero Penyelamat 705 Penumpang Titanic



107 tahun lalu mencatatkan detik sejarah hitam dunia perkapalan apabila kapal yang dicanang mustahil untuk karam dan terbesar ketika itu menemui pengakhirannya.

RMS Titanic tenggelam pada awal 15 April 1912 di Lautan Atlantik Utara, empat hari dalam pelayaran sulung kapal dari Southampton ke New York City. 

Kapal laut terbesar yang berkhidmat pada masa itu, Titanic mempunyai kira-kira 2,224 orang di atas kapal pada hari Ahad, 14 April 1912. 

RMS Titanic tenggelam dua jam dan empat puluh minit kemudian pada 02:20 (kapal masa 05:18 GMT) pada hari Isnin, 15 April, mengakibatkan kematian lebih daripada 1,500 orang, menjadikannya salah satu bencana marin yang paling dahsyat dalam sejarah semasa aman.

Tetapi tahukah anda, kapal yang dinobatkan sebagai hero penyelamat yang berjaya membantu seramai 705 penumpang dan anak kapal Titanic terus menjadi mangsa korban tenggelamnya Titanic.

Kapal itu dikenali dengan nama RMS Carpathia. Ia tiba di tempat kejadian kira-kira sejam setengah selepas tenggelamnya Titanic dan menyelamatkan yang terakhir dari mangsa yang selamat pada 09:15 pada 15 April, kira-kira sembilan setengah jam selepas perlanggaran itu.

RMS Carpathia membuat pelayaran sulungnya pada tahun 1903 dari Liverpool ke Boston (Massachusetts), dan meneruskan perjalanan ini sebelum dipindahkan ke perkhidmatan Mediterranean pada tahun 1904. 


Pada bulan April 1912, kapal itu menjadi terkenal di seluruh dunia kerana menyelamatkan mangsa yang bertahan dari White Star Line's RMS Titanic selepas yang terakhir melanda aisberg dan tenggelam dengan kehilangan 1,517 nyawa di Lautan Atlantik Utara. 

Carpathia menembusi ladang ais berbahaya dan mengalihkan kuasa wap ke enjinnya dalam misi menyelamatnya. Dia tiba hanya dua jam selepas Titanic telah tenggelam dan menyelamatkan 705 orang terselamat dari bot penyelamat kapal.

Sebagai mengenang jasa dan pengorbanan keberanian misi menyelamat Titanic ketika itu, anak-anak kapal Carpathia dianugerahkan pingat oleh mangsa yang terselamat dan pihak Kerajaan Amerika Syarikat dan Britain.


Ahli krew telah dianugerahkan pingat gangsa, para pegawai menerima pingat perak, dan Kapten Rostron menerima piala perak dan pingat emas yang disampaikan oleh Margaret Brown. 

Rostron telah dikurnia darjah kesatria oleh Raja George V, dan kemudiannya dijemput menjadi tetamu di Rumah Putih oleh President Taft, di mana beliau dianugerahkan Pingat Emas Kongres, penghormatan tertinggi Kongres Amerika Syarikat boleh anugerahkan kepadanya.

RMS Carpathia tenggelam pada 17 Julai 1918 selepas terkena serangan torpedo oleh kapal selam Jerman SM U-55 di pantai Ireland selatan dengan kehilangan lima anak kapal.

Pada tahun 2000, penulis dan penyelam Amerika, Clive Cussler mengumumkan bahawa organisasinya, NUMA, telah menemui bangkai sebenar Carpathia pada musim bunga tahun tersebut pada kedalaman 500 kaki (150 m).

AirAsia Tambah 437 Penerbangan Sempena Hari Raya


AirAsia akan menambah 437 penerbangan sempena musim perayaan Hari Raya Aidilfitri antara 30 Mei dan 16 Jun 2019

Penerbangan tambahan yang ditawarkan adalah dari Kuala Lumpur ke Singapura, Kuching, Sibu, Miri, Sandakan, Tawau, Alor Setar, Kota Bharu, Langkawi, Terengganu dan Johor Bahru, serta dari Johor Bahru ke Kuching, Miri, Sibu, Tawau dan Alor Setar.

Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif AirAsia Malaysia Riad Asmat berkata, “Sebagai sebuah syarikat penerbangan untuk semua, kami berbesar hati untuk menyatukan keluarga dan sahabat handai di musim perayaan ini. 

Untuk menampung permintaan yang dijangka akan meningkat sempena musim ini, kami berbesar hati untuk menambah penerbangan dengan menawarkan sebanyak 78,000 kerusi tambahan untuk membantu masyarakat pulang beraya. 

Kami akan berusaha menambah lebih banyak lagi penerbangan pada masa akan datang. 

Kami juga ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada pihak berkuasa atas sokongan mereka dalam meluluskan penerbangan tambahan ini.”

Penerbangan tambahan ini boleh ditempah sekarang di dan aplikasi mudah alih AirAsia.

Untuk berita terkini AirAsia, aktiviti dan promosi, ikuti AirAsia di Twitter (, Facebook ( dan Instagram (


7 Kesalahan Perlu Dielak Ketika Guna Microwave


MEMILIKI ketuhar gelombang mikro (microwave) di rumah memang mampu menjimatkan masa anda untuk menghangatkan kembali makanana atau minuman.

Lebih-lebih lagi jika anda seorang yang sibuk dan sentiasa mengejar masa untuk menyiapkan rutin harian.

Tapi, adakah anda menggunakan ketuhar gelombang mikro dengan betul selama ini?

Laman web Eat This ketika memetik editor kanan Cook’s Illustrated memberitahu terdapat beberapa kesalahan besar yang biasa dilakukan ketika menggunakan ketuhar gelombang mikro:

1. Memanaskan makanan tanpa penutup

Penutup bekas makanan bukan sahaja menghindarkan anda daripada bahaya, tetapi ia juga memastikan makanan anda dimasak secara sama rata.

"Gunakan penutup atau pengawal percikan yang selamat untuk ketuhar gelombang mikro.

"Ini boleh membuatkan pengewapan membantu makanan dimasak dan pada masa sama merendahkan percikan berlaku," kata penilai chef Suzanne Lasagna di Sekolah Kulinari Seni Auguste Escoffier di Los Angeles, Amerika Syarikat.

2. Menggunakan penutup yang salah

Jangan sesekali menggunakan styrofoam dalam ketuhar gelombang mikro!

"Elakkan letak balutan plastik dan beg kertas di dalam ketuhar kerana ia mengandungi bahan kimia tidak sihat dan boleh meresap masuk ke dalam makanan," kata Lasagna.

3. Guna bekas yang tidak selamat-haba

Walaupun memang lebih mudah untuk memanaskan makanan dalam bekas plastik ke dalam ketuhar gelombang mikro, luangkanlah masa beberapa minit untuk memindahkan makanan sejuk ke dalam bekas sesuai untuk kesihatan jangka panjang.

Anda boleh guna bekas yang dilabel selamat-haba seperti kaca tahan haba atau seramik.

4. Memanaskan makanan bersama peralatan besi

Elak masukkan sudu atau garfu besi di dalam ketuhar.

Pastikan anda tidak memasukkan sebarang peralatan besi ke dalam ketuhar gelombang mikro kerana ia boleh merosak dan mencetuskan api.

5. Tidak memantau makanan yang dipanaskan

Jangan tinggalkan makanan di dalam ketuhar tanpa pemantauan supaya makanan tidak memercik atau dipanaskan secara berlebihan.

6. Makan makanan sebaik dikeluarkan dari gelombang mikro

"Biarkan makanan rehat seketika selepas dipanaskan agar haba boleh merebak secara rata.

7. Memanaskan makanan mudah meletup

"Sesetengah makanan tidak sesuai untuk dimasak menggunakan ketuhar gelombang mikro seperti telur," kata Lasagna.



Qatar Airways Is Voted The World’s Best Airline 2019

PHOTO: SKYTRAX Airline leaders and top airline management from across the globe today attended the 2019 World Airline Awards held at P...