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Total Solar Eclipse 14 Nov 2012...Subhanallah !

The Diamond Ring effect is shown following totality of the solar eclipse at Palm Cove, Nov 14, 2012. PALM COVE (Nov 14, 2012): Sky-gazers in northern Australia donned protective glasses and put solar filters on their telescopes Wednesday to witness one of nature's greatest phenomena - a total eclipse of the Sun. All eyes and cameras turned to the heavens over tropical north Queensland as the moon began moving between the earth and the sun, like a small bite which gradually increases in size, although misty cloud was hampering the view. "Still waiting for a more substantial break in the clouds. Looks like out might be better soon," tweeted Travis, a tourist at Palm Cove. The path of the eclipse got under way shortly after daybreak when the Moon's shadow, or umbra, fell in the Garig Gunak Barlu National Park in the Northern Territory, about 250 kilometres (155 miles) east of Darwin. The umbra then moved eastward before alighting in north Queensland where thousands of ec…

Solar Eclipse 14 November 2012

Early Wednesday morning, a total solar eclipse occurred in part of the Southern Hemisphere when the moon passed briefly between the Earth and the Sun.

The eclipse cast a 95-mile wide shadow over parts of northern Australia and the Indian and Pacific Oceans. According to the Associated Press, over 50,000 people came to northern Australia to see the celestial event, and live streams of the eclipse delighted skywatchers all over the world.

Path of the Total Eclipse, Nov. 13, 2012Credit: Jay AndersonJay Anderson generated a series of detailed eclipse maps for the solar eclipse of Nov. 13, 2012.

Track of the Total Eclipse Over Australia, Nov. 13, 2012