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What Amazingly Prayer In First Time?

Each prayer time really shows the transition energy changes the universe that can be measured and observed through changes in natural color.I think the changing colors of nature is something that is more familiar to those involved in photography, right?AT DAWN For example, at the dawn of nature in the blue spectrum corresponding to frequencies that affect the thyroid metabolism.So the blue or the time of dawn has secrets related to the bidder / provision and communication.They are often missed or delayed in time Subuhnya repeatedly, eventually will face the problem of communication and provision.This is because the natural energy of blue light is not absorbed by the thyroid that have to happen in the soul and body together (simultaneity of space and time) - in other words keep from sleeping.Here too we can tap the secrets of prayer ordered ahead of time.The onset of morning prayer time, energy, environment at that time was at an optimum level.

Apa Hebatnya Solat Di Awal Waktu?

Setiap peralihan waktu solat sebenarnya menunjukkan perubahan tenaga alam ini yang boleh diukur dan dicerap melalui perubahan warna alam.Aku rasa fenomena perubahan warna alam adalah sesuatu yang tidak asing bagi mereka yang terlibat dalam bidang fotografi, betul tak?Waktu Subuh Sebagai contoh, pada waktu Subuh alam berada dalam spektrum warna biru muda yang bersamaan dengan frekuensi tiroid yang mempengaruhi sistem metabolisma tubuh.Jadi warna biru muda atau waktu Subuh mempunyai rahsia berkaitan dengan penawar/rezeki dan komunikasi.Mereka yang kerap tertinggal waktu Subuhnya ataupun terlewat secara berulang-ulang kali, lama kelamaan akan menghadapi masalah komunikasi dan rezeki.Ini kerana tenaga alam iaitu biru muda tidak dapat diserap oleh tiroid yang mesti berlaku dalam keadaan roh dan jasad bercantum (keserentakan ruang dan masa) - dalam erti kata lain jaga daripada tidur.Di sini juga dapat kita cungkil akan rahsia diperintahkan solat di awal waktu.Bermulanya saja azan Subuh, tena…

Erdoğan’s Economic Revolution

2011-06-14Erdoğan’s Economic RevolutionISTANBUL – Since 2002, the Justice and Development Party (AKP) has been governing Turkey with remarkable success in economic terms. Indeed, its record is almost unique in Turkey’s modern history, comparable only with the rule of the Democratic Party (DP), which came to power in the 1950’s, at the start of multi-party parliamentary democracy in Turkey, and ran the country for a decade.The era of DP rule is ingrained in Turkey’s public consciousness as one of phenomenal growth and expanding freedoms. With the mandate it received in the June 12 election, and almost 42 years after the DP was deposed by a military junta, the AKP has emerged to set new benchmarks in Turkey’s development.Indeed, unlike the DP’s leader, Adnan Menderes, who was brutally executed following a sham military trial, the AKP’s Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who will now begin his third term as Prime Minister, appears to have secured democratic political control of Turkey’s…

One hundred years of superconductivity

Superconductors have already helped build amazing technologies - but the next step will revolutionise physics itself. Michael Norman Last Modified: 16 Jul 2011 09:52
Huge superconducting magnets power the Large Hadron Collider in its search for the building blocks of our universe [GALLO/GETTY]The world's first "quantum" computer - a machine that harnesses the magic of quantum phenomena to perform memory and processing tasks incredibly faster than today's silicon-based computer chips - was recently sold by D-Wave Systems of Canada to Lockheed-Martin. And, while some question whether the machine is truly a quantum computer, its designers have published articles in peer-reviewed journals demonstrating that the basic elements of this novel computer are indeed superconducting quantum bits.

This spring marked the 100th anniversary of the discovery of superconductivity - the ability of materials to carry electrical current with no loss. Currents set up in superconducting wire…