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What Makes A Halo Around The Sun Or Moon?

Moon Halo with Jupiter and Aldebaran
Location : Kampung Harmoni,Selangor Malaysia 
Date : 26 Desember 2012
Time : 22.43.49 
Camera :Samsung Galaxy Camera
By: Mohd Ezli Mashut

Halos around the moon – or sun – are a sign of thin cirrus clouds drifting high above our heads. They are a sign of nearby storms. DOWNLOADEMBED A ring or circle of light around the sun or moon is called a halo by scientists. We get many messages throughout each year from people who’ve just spotted a ring around the sun or moon. The night before Hurricane Sandy made landfall on the U.S. mainland on October 29, 2012, for example, many throughout the U.S. saw a lunar halo. Another rash of lunar halos in the U.S. began to appear shortly before Christmas 2012. Solar and lunar haloes are pretty common, but they’re so mysterious-looking that people often express amazement upon seeing them. They want to know: what causes a halo around the sun or moon? Order your 2013 moon calendar today. Moon halo, with Jupiter on the edge of…

China to be surrounded by US stealth jets by 2017

MilitaryAsiaChinaUSAPlanes,Air Force A US B-2 stealth jet (AFP Photo) The United States’ presence in the Asia-Pacific is about to be much more impressive: by 2017, the US is expected to have all but surrounded China, its number one economic rival, with fleets of the most advanced stealth warplanes in the world. According to recent reports from some of the Pentagon’s top-brass, Uncle Sam will be essentially surrounding the United States’ top competitor in only five years’ time. By 2017, the Air Force’s F-22s and B-2s, as well as a fleet of the Marine Corps’ F-35, will all be deployed east. News of the long-term plan stems from a report by Wired’s David Axe this week, who notes that several recent interviews with Defense Department officials suggest that the Obama administration’s “strategic pivot” plan in Asia announced earlier this year hasn’t been ignored just yet. In June, the Pentagon revealed plans to restructure the US military so that 60 percent of its warships would be …

5 Ways to Easily Increase Your Internet Security

In this age of technology nothing is private. In fact, NSA whistleblower William Binney recently stated that literally every email sent in the US is recorded by the FBI.
For those living in reality, it has been know that since the 90′s under President Clinton, programs such as Echelon monitored nearly every phone call, fax, and email in the United States.
Sites like Facebook have been known to record users web history even when they are logged outGoogle has had to pay out millions for its privacy violations such as disabling privacy settings on Internet browsers to allow them to track you. 
Google Street View cars used to take pictures for Google Earth were caught stealing passwords and information from home computers it drove past. The list of privacy violations by U.S. intelligence groups and their corporate front groups are too many to list.
Good Internet security is not about “having something to hide.” It is simply about protecting your personal information from groups who wis…

In Photos, Chinese Farmer Builds Apocalypse-Proof ‘Noah’s Ark’ Pods

Liu Qiyuan, a Chinese farmer from the village of Qiantun in northern Hebei Province, located just south of Beijing, has built what he describes as “Noah’s Ark” survival pods in case of a cataclysmic event. Liu was inspired by the blockbuster film “2012” and the massive earthquake and tsunami that ravaged Indonesia and Thailand in 2004 and killed hundreds of thousands, reported AFP. He hopes that his circular pods are adopted by government agencies and international organizations in the event of earthquakes and tsunamis. His seven pods, which are airtight, are made out of a fiberglass shell wrapped around a steel frame. They are able to float on water. Some of them even have their own propulsion device installed. They also come complete with oxygen tanks and can hold as many as 14 people.  The Dec. 21, 2012, Mayan prophecy, which some people have interpreted as the end of the world, struck a nerve with ordinary Chinese after the “2012” film gained popularity there in 2009. Last month,…

North Korea Sends Rocket Into Space

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea defied the likelihood of more sanctions by the United Nations Security Council to launch a rocket on Wednesday, demonstrating that the government of its new leader,Kim Jong-un, was pressing ahead to master the technology needed to deliver a nuclear warhead on intercontinental ballistic missiles. Enlarge This Image Geoeye The Sohae rocket launching facility in Cholsan County in North Pyongan Province, North Korea. Related Times Topic: North Korea Connect With Us on Twitter Follow@nytimesworldfor international breaking news and headlines. Twitter List: Reporters and Editors Enlarge This Image KNS/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un  defied the likelihood of more sanctions by the United Nations Security Council to launch a rocket Wednesday. The Unha-3, or Galaxy-3, rocket blasted off from the Sohae Satellite Launching Station in Tongchang-ri on North Korea’s western coast near China on Wednesday morning, a spokesman for South …

Imej Aneh di Masjid Nabawi Pada 7 Disember 2012


Strange Thing in Masjid Al Nabawi, it can be anything, a shadow like sun beam, a jinn or an angel.Allah knows best, we have no clue nor we claim,Whatever is this, its amazing & Intresting.

Officials deny seeing anything strange at the Prophet's Mosque after video goes viral of a white figure sitting amongst worshipers. Sheikh Gazi Al-Mutairi, Professor of Prince Naif chair for Haia at Madinah Islamic University cautioning people against jumping to conclusions without concrete evidence.

Source: Arab News

Note: This video is not fake, nor any editing is done and the source of footage is Sunna Al Nabawia Channel. 

We analysed the video several times and got the two images as above, in one you can see the glowing person and in the second one same person in dull mode (Normal Human Being).

It proofs that there was some source of light when the camera was focusing that person, in second opinion it can be a glitch or error in camera or back systems in tv control room, in bot…