Mosque Opens Its Doors To Homeless To Escape Heavy Snow


An Irish mosque has come to the rescue of homeless people in Dublin by opening its doors as the Beast of the East batters the nation. 

Clonskeagh Mosque, also known as the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland, is inviting those who need a place to stay to come and take shelter. 

The mosque will also be offering sleeping bags and warm meals as part of their care in the community. 

Summayah Kenna, Head of Community Welfare Department with the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland, said they are working closely with Dublin City Council and homeless organisations to be able to provide the service. 

‘We will have a security team on duty at night, and maintenance teams have been alerted to make sure there is sufficient heating in the building, especially late at night’, she told 98fm. 

The mosque will be open until March 4 for rough sleepers. Rough sleepers will be able to get vouchers which will get them two warm meals a day. 

The events hall will be open to anybody who needs it until March 4. This is not the first time the mosque has been open to those in need. When Storm Ophelia hit in November last year it was used for shelter.


Masjid Dublin Buka Pintu, Bantu Gelandangan Ketika Bencana

DUBLIN: Demi menyelamatkan golongan gelandangan tempatan, sebuah masjid di Ireland membenarkan mereka menumpang di sana sementara ribut salji melanda negara tersebut.

Masjid Clonskeagh menawarkan bukan sahaja tempat tinggal tetapi juga makanan serta tilam galas (sleeping bag).

Ketua Jabatan Kebajikan Komuniti, Summayah Kenna berkata pihaknya bekerjasama dengan Majlis Perbandaran Dublin dan organisasi pejuang gelandangan untuk menawarkan perkhidmatan tersebut.

"Kami akan wujudkan pasukan keselamatan pada waktu malam dan pasukan penyelenggara bagi memastikan bangunan ini cukup panas, terutamanya pada waktu malam," katanya kepada media tempatan 98fm seperti dilaporkan

Ini bukan kali pertama masjid tersebut, yang turut dikenali sebagai Pusat Kebudayaan Islam Ireland, membantu orang ramai.

Pada November tahun lepas, mereka turut menawarkan bangunan tersebut untuk ditumpang pihak yang memerlukan ketika Ribut Ophelia melanda.


DISCOVERY: Nine Cannonballs Found St Fort Cornwallis

Photo by: NSTP

DISCOVERY: After the discovery of two cannons, a group of archaeologists and historians from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) found nine cannonballs at the archaeological site of Fort Cornwallis.

However, archaeologist Noridayu Bakry said the latest findings were not linked to the two cannons found on Feb 19 because they were of different sizes.

"All nine cannonballs were found in stages between Feb 26 and 28 and the sizes range between three centimeters (cm) and six cm.

"They are believed to be at least 200 years old and will be taken to USM for investigation and fact gathering,” he said at a media conference here today.

Last February, the same archaeological group discovered two cannons believed to be at least 200 years old at the same site of excavation at Fort Cornwallis.

The fort was built by the British East India Company in the late eighteenth century, and the cannons bear a symbol of King George III, who ruled Britain from 1760 to 1820.

The discovery might change the history of Fort Cornwallis which has always been assumed to be a peaceful city.

Commenting further, Noridayu said that based on latest findings, they hope to discover more historical materials of the site, which spans more than 0.4 hectares.

The search and digging work done since August last year was based on the original Fort Cornwallis map from 1877.

"We will strive to find more evidence to uncover the mystery and real role of the fortress,” Noridayu added.


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