Yakjuj dan Makjuj Sudah Muncul ?


Firman Allah s.w.t (Surah Al-Kahfi : 98-99):
98. (setelah itu) berkatalah Zulkarnain: “Ini ialah suatu rahmat dari Tuhanku; Dalam pada itu, apabila sampai janji Tuhanku, Dia akan menjadikan tembok itu hancur lebur, dan adalah janji Tuhanku itu benar”.
99. dan Kami biarkan mereka pada hari itu (keluar beramai-ramai) bercampur-baur antara satu Dengan Yang lain; dan (kemudiannya) akan ditiup sangkakala, lalu Kami himpunkan makhluk-makhluk seluruhnya di padang Mahsyar.
Firman Allah s.w.t (Al-Anbiyaa : 96-97):
96. (Demikianlah keadaan mereka) hingga apabila terbuka tembok Yang menyekat Yakjuj dan Makjuj, serta mereka meluru turun dari tiap-tiap tempat Yang tinggi.
97. dan hampirlah datangnya janji hari kiamat Yang benar, maka Dengan serta-merta pandangan mata orang-orang Yang kufur ingkar terbeliak (sambil berkata Dengan cemas): “Aduhai celakanya kami. Sesungguhnya Kami telah tinggal Dalam keadaan Yang melalaikan Kami daripada memikirkan perkara ini, bahkan Kami telah menjadi orang-orang Yang menganiaya diri sendiri”.
Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w dalam hadith yang diriwayatkan oleh An-Nawwas bin Sam’aan :
(( …(Setelah Nabi Isa a.s. membunuh Dajjal dan pengikut-pengikutnya) lalu Allah s.w.t mewahyukan kepada (Nabi) Isa : “Sesungguhnya aku telah mengeluarkan hamba-hambaKu yang tiada kemampuan bagi seorang pun dalam memeranginya, lindungilah hamba-hambaKu (yang bersama denganmu) ke bukit Thur”. 

Maka Allah mengutuskan Yakjuj dan Makjuj, dari setiap tanah tinggi mereka turun bergegas, kemudian mereka melalui Tasik Tabariyyah lantas mereka minum airnya. Kemudian datang pula segolongan yang lain (dari kalangan mereka) lalu mereka berkata : “Dulunya terdapat air di sini”. Nabi Isa a.s dan pengikut-pengikutnya terkepung (di bukit Thur) sehingga satu kepala lembu pada ketika itu lebih baik dari seratus dinar bagi kamu pada hari ini…)) Riwayat Muslim
Dalam riwayat Muslim yang lain –selepas mereka berkata : “Dulunya ada air di sini”- :
(( Kemudian mereka berjalan sehingga berakhir di bukit Al-Khamar –satu bukit di Baitil Maqdis- lantas mereka berkata : “Sesungguhnya kita telah bunuh mereka yang berada di bumi, ayuh kita bunuh pula mereka yang berada di langit!” Lalu mereka melepaskan anak-anak panah mereka ke langit dan Allah mengembalikan anak-anak panah mereka dalam keadaan berdarah ))

Sabda Rasulullah s.a.w dalam hadith An-Nawwas bin Sam’aan :
((…(Setelah Nabi Isa a.s dan pengikut-pengikutnya terkepung)…Mereka mengadu kepada Allah s.w.t, lalu Allah mengutuskan ke atas Yakjuj dan Makjuj ulat-ulat yang mengerang leher-leher mereka. Lantas mereka (Yakjuj dan Makjuj) bergelimpangan mati seakan-akan mati dalam satu nafas.

 Kemudian Nabi Isa a.s turun bersama pengikut-pengikutnya ke bumi dan mereka mendapati tiada sejengkal pun dari permukaan bumi melainkan dipenuhi dengan bangkai (Yakjuj dan Makjuj) yang busuk. Nabi Isa a.s. dan pengikut-pengikutnya mengadu lagi kepada Allah lalu Allah mengutuskan burung-burung sebesar leher unta lantas mengambil bangkai-bangkai (Yakjuj dan Makjuj) dan membuangnya di mana saja yang dikehendaki oleh Allah…)) Riwayat Muslim

Untuk rujukan dokumentari mengenali siapa Yakjuj Dan Makjuj ;

An Islamic View of Gog and Magog in the Modern AgePDFPrintE-mail

Gog and Magog in the Qur'an

Islamic scholar Imran N. Hosein spent 15 years studying the subject of Gog and Magog. He then devoted himself to ten months of continuous effort in order to write this ground-breaking book on ‘An Islamic View of Gog and Magog in the Modern World’. Despite the fact that he earns his modest livelihood from the sale of his books, he promptly put the entire text of the book on this website for free download around the world. As a consequence thousands appear to have already read and benefited from the book during the three weeks that it has been available on the internet. The book will soon be printed in Malaysia. Readers can show their appreciation for the value of his scholarly work by ordering copies of the printed book. Just send an email address with a request to be contacted and we will contact you for your order as soon as the book is printed. No price has as yet been fixed for the book.
I began my study of Gog and Magog more than fifteen years ago in the early 90’s while resident in New York. My subsequent public lectures on the subject never failed to provoke keen interest from my Muslim audiences in several parts of the world.

 The evidence and arguments presented in the chapter on Gog and Magog in my book, ‘Jerusalem in the Qur’an’, succeeded in convincing many who read the book that we now live in a world dominated by Gog and Magog. They were easily convinced that the ‘town’ mentioned in the Qur’ān in Sūrah al-Anbiyāh’ (21:95-6) was Jerusalem and hence, that Gog and Magog (and Dajjāl) explained the ominously unfolding ‘war on Islam’ with slaughter and destruction of Muslims in so many parts of the world. 

As a consequence, such readers also understood Israel’s mysterious imperial agenda, and many have been making efforts to extricate themselves and their families from the embrace of Gog and Magog – an embrace that will take 999 out of every 1000 of mankind into the hellfire.

Despite my best efforts, however, I failed miserably, again and again, to convince my learned peers, the scholars of Islam, that Gog and Magog were even released into the world. I earnestly hope and pray that this book might make a difference Insha’ Allah.
Download Ebook ( PDF 1.4MB )
Right click and choose "Save As" to download.
Introduction by Dr Tamman Adi

Chapter One:
  • The Importance of 'Signs of the Last Day in the Modern Age'
  • Appearance and reality are opposite to each other
  • Can all of these events be occurring by accident?
  • Responding to Islamic sectarianism
  • The Shia sect
  • Ahmadiyyah
  • The Wahhabi sect
  • Tableegh Jamaat (i.e. Jama'ah al-Tableegh)
  • Islamic Modernism
  • Elitist sectarian Sufism
Chapter Two: 
  • Methodology of study
  • The Qur'an sits in judgement on the Had?th and not vice-versa
  • Need to locate 'system of meaning'
  • Methodology of explaining the Qur'an through application and analysis of external data
  • Gog and Magog in other scriptures
Chapter Three:
  • Explaining terminology
  • The end of the material universe
  • The end of history
  • The Key to the subject of the Last Hour
  • W 'ad al-akhirah (The Last Warning)
Chapter Four:    
  •  A Profile of Gog and Magog
  • The Qur'an introduces the subject of Gog and Magog
  • Gog and Magog are human beings
  • A double-faced people who are capable of swift motion
  • Possess extraordinary military power
  • Use 'power' to oppress
  • Make possible the return of people to their 'town'
  • Absorb mankind into their global godless melting pot
  • Can wage 'star wars'
  • Would target Arabs in particular for oppression
  • Would be sent/raised only after Jesus ('alaihi al-Salam) has returned and after he has killed Dajjal?
  • Consume an excessive amount of water
  • Gog, Magog and the Sea of Galilee 
  • Will take most of mankind into the hellfire hence they are an essentially godless and sinful people
  • Are linked to the abandonment of the Hajj
Chapter Five: 

  • Identifying Gog and Magog
  • Gog is the Anglo-American-sraeli alliance and Magog is Russia
  • Winston Churchill identifies Gog and Magog
Chapter Six: 
  • Have Gog and Magog been released into the world as yet?
  • Search for the barrier
  • The strange world today
  • The Judeo-Christian alliance
  • Hadith reveals Gog and Magog's release
  • Water in the world and in the Sea of Galilee
  • Hadith linking Gog and Magog to Jerusalem
  • Iqbal, Ansari and Said Nursi
Chapter Seven:
  • Implications of the Release of Gog and Magog
  • Stages of Release of Gog and Magog into the world

Chapter Eight: 
  • Conclusion

One people today totally dominate and control the entire world, its politics, economy, culture, news, sports, entertainment, fashions, travel, etc. They possess absolute power that no possible combination of rivals can now challenge. Moreover, there is no secular evidence to suggest that their powerful grip over the whole world can ever be successfully challenged. 
They do much more than control the world. They change, unfold and reinvent themselves, and then change the world as well, until it becomes their carbon copy. They have broken down all the barriers that have for ages separated people from each other, and a single global society has emerged for the first time in human history with a single language, English. They are the Judeo-Christian Euro-world-order (i.e., modern secular western civilization), and they are an absolutely unique phenomenon in history.
They are an ominous ‘world-order’, ominous for Arabs and Muslims in particular, and for non-Europeans in general. But even those European people who would live lives of piety, faith and righteousness are not spared. The ‘world-order’ wages relentless war on the religious way of life in general, and on Islam in particular. They use their absolute power to corrupt, to oppress, and to engage in acts of injustice and wickedness with no parallel in history.
Jewish Christian ‘white’ war crimes now inflicted on Arab Muslim Iraq are but a continuation of ‘white’ apartheid inflicted on black Christian Africa. Their greed is indescribable. They suck the wealth of all of mankind through legalized theft, and they even take from the poor the little that they possess. 

Eventually they imprison all of mankind in a new economic slavery. They are essentially godless and amazingly decadent, and possess such powers of deception that ‘appearance’ and ‘reality’ are always opposite to each other in everything they do.
Finally, they are a world-order that is strangely and mysteriously obsessed with liberating the Holy Land. Europe became Christian and then waged ‘white’ Holy Wars called ‘the crusades’ for a thousand years until success was finally achieved when a British army, led by General Allenby, defeated the Ottoman Islamic Empire’s army and triumphantly entered Jerusalem in 1917. Allenby then declared “today the crusades have ended”. In fact the crusades will not end so long as Muslims resist oppression in the Holy Land.
Europe also became Jewish and created the ‘white’ Zionist Movement which then fanatically pursued the goals of the Jewish return to the Holy Land and the restoration of a State of Israel. The European Jew was a native of the Khazar tribes of Eastern Europe and was a convert to Judaism. 

He was not Israelite. Yet the European Jews successfully led the way, employing means more crooked than straight, for the restoration of a State of Israel in the Holy Land. They used the same means to literally force the Israelite Jews, long resident in the Muslim world, to migrate to that secular State of Israel.
The Judeo-Christian Euro-world-order has protected and strengthened that Israel to such an extent that it has now become a super-power. Indeed it will soon become the ‘ruling state in the world.
Can all of this be an accident of history? Can it be something without meaning and explanation?
There are scholars and writers who might shrug their shoulders and dismiss all of the above as mere chance. And then there are others who would be convinced by the evidence presented from the Holy Qur’an that today’s strange world-order is that of Gog and Magog. Dajjal (the Anti-Christ) deceived the Jews into defying every moral and religious law while pursuing an unrelenting effort to make Israel the ‘ruling state’ in the world. But they make that effort while riding the back of the ‘Gog and Magog world-order’

In the end they will face the Messiah they had rejected, and whose crucifixion they had demanded. Allah Most High, Who created Gog and Magog, and Who gave to them their indestructible power, would Himself now destroy Gog and Magog. A Muslim army would then attack and destroy the Euro-Jewish State of Israel, and the Jews in the Holy Land would then face, at the hands of that Muslim army, the greatest of punishments. The ‘oppressor’ would be punished, and history would thus end with the triumph of Truth over falsehood.
We now present in summary, the evidence from the Qur’an that supports our identification of Gog and Magog with the present world-order.

In Surah al-Kahf of the Qur’an (Chapter 18 entitled ‘the Cave’), as well as in Prophetic commentary (Ahadith), Gog and Magog are described as two people who descended from father Adam (peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon him) and who were created by Allah Most High, and endowed with great power. “None but I can destroy them”, said Allah (Sahih Muslim). Surah al-Kahf has described how they were contained behind an iron barrier because they used their power to commit acts of Fasad (acts of wickedness, oppression, corruption). 

The Surah also implied that they would use power to wage war on those who lived lives of faith and righteousness, and that they would act malevolently against those who lived the primitive way of life, or who eked out a bare subsistence living (as in Haiti). Thus the picture emerged of an absolutely godless and ruthless people who had the hearts of beasts.
The Surah went on to inform that when the Last Age commenced, “Allah would bring down the barrier” and Gog and Magog (who are a major sign of the Last Age) would be released into the world. Surah al-Anbiyah then revealed that they would eventually “spread out in every direction” - indicating that with their invincible power they would take control of the whole world and that, for the first time in history, one people would rule all of mankind:
He said: “This (wall) is a mercy from my Lord: but when the warning of my Lord comes to pass, He will reduce it to dust (and Gog and Magog would thus be released into the world); and the promise of my Lord is true.” (Qur’an, al-Kahf, 18:98)
“But there is a ban on a town which We have destroyed: that they (the people of the town) shall not return (to reclaim that town as their own); until Gog and Magog are let through (their barrier), and they swiftly spread out in every direction (replicating themselves amongst all the peoples of the world).” (Qur’an, al-Anbiyah, 21:95-96)
But since that world-order would witness oppression and war on religion, it would be in total conflict with the heavenly order above. No believer could possibly be comfortable with ‘mainstream society’ in such a world.
In Surah al-Anbiyah above, the Qur’an referred one more time to Gog and Magog while making mention of a ‘town’ that Allah destroyed, and its people were expelled and then banned from returning to reclaim that ‘town’ as their own until Gog and Magog were released and had spread out in every direction. Those whose spiritual vision is illumined by ‘light’ that comes from Allah Most High can recognize both the ‘town’ and the Gog & Magog world order. That light gives them the capacity to penetrate the ‘internal reality’ of things.
The ‘town’ is Jerusalem. Allah Most High destroyed that ‘town’ and expelled the Jews from it. They were then banned from returning to it to reclaim it as their own. Today they have returned and have reclaimed it as their own. But they have done so while riding on the backs of an essentially godless people whose power is such that they have taken total control of the whole world, and they relentlessly use that power to oppress mankind, and to wage war on Islam in general and on Arabs in particular.
From the time of medieval Euro-Christendom to the age of secular western civilization, Europe has progressively displayed the characteristics of the world order of Gog and Magog, and has also fulfilled their basic mission. European people in Europe, North America, Australia, and in the Holy Land today dominate the whole world. They use power to oppress and to corrupt.
They liberated the Holy Land, and brought the Jews back to reclaim it as their own. They created the secular godless Euro-State of Israel and presented it to the non-European Jews as David’s Holy Israel. It is an indication of the utter spiritual blindness of the non-European Jewish people that they allowed themselves to be deceived and led down the road to their final destruction by Gog and Magog.
Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, has provided additional information on Gog and Magog. For example, he said, “None of them dies without leaving a thousand more behind.” And so the reality of contemporary globalization that is corrupting and enslaving mankind can now be understood

"Tradisi Islam mencatat turunnya ayat al-Quran tentang Yakjuj dan Makjuj adalah sebagai jawapan Allah kepada pertanyaan Yahudi Madinah tentang Zulqarnain. Orang Yahudi melalui kafir Quraisy Makkah bertanya tentang Zulqarnain (pemilik dua tanduk) dalam rangka bagi menguji kenabian Muhammad. Allah pun menjawab pertanyaan tentang Zulqarnain dan sekali gus menjawab kaitan Zulqarnain dengan bangsa Yakjuj dan Makjuj.Kisah tentang hal ini terdapat dalam al-Quran surah al-Kahfi.

Dengan pertanyaan yang diajukan oleh para pendeta Yahudi ini, dapat diduga orang Yahudi cukup arif tentang watak Zulqarnain. Oleh sebab itu, perlunya jejak Yakjuj dan Makjuj diteroka di dalam kitab-kitab Yahudi seperti Bible, The Dead Sea Scrolls,Talmud dan buku tulisan Flavius Josephus. Adakah di dalamnya terdapat kisah tentang Yakjuj dan Makjuj serta Zulqarnain?"- Muhammad Alexander.

Buku ini mengupas tentang bangsa yang terkejam dalam sejarah. Mereka sudah wujud sejak zaman Zulqarnain lagi. Sebelum tembok Zulqarnain dibina, bangsa ini sudah memporak perandakan pentas dunia dengan serangan demi serangan ke atas beberapa tamadun dunia. Nabi Muhammad meramalkan bangsa ini akan muncul lagi pada akhir zaman nanti.

Persoalan tentang Yakjuj dan Makjuj sudah kedengaran sejak di bangku sekolah rendah lagi. Ketika itu, ustazah bercerita tentang 10 tanda-tanda besar hari kiamat. Salah satunya adalah keluarnya atau terlepasnya Yakjuj dan Makjuj daripada tembok tahanan mereka. Kemudian ustazah menambah, "Yakjuj dan Makjuj sentiasa berusaha mengorek dan menghakis tembok tersebut. Tetapi apabila azan berkumandang, tembok itu akan kembali pulih semula."

Sehinggalah ketika azan tidak lagi dikumandangkan. Atau azan masih berkumandang, cumanya suaranya tidak sampai hingga langit ke-7. Maksudnya, muazzin (bilal) ketika itu tidak lagi mempunyai hati yang bersih." Ini adalah cerita seorang ustazah sewaktu saya di bangku sekolah rendah.

Yakjuj dan Makjuj: Bencana Di Sebalik Gunung, karya Muhammad Alexander atau Wisnu Sasongko ini merupakan suatu kajian persis sebuah tesis yang meneroka sejarah melalui kitab-kitab samawi dan al-Quran serta Hadith. Penulis membuat kajian di atas kerangka penulisan orientalis dan Yahudi. Penulis cuba menafikan tuduhan-tuduhan liar pihak berkenaan terhadap Islam.

Setiap kenyataan dicatat dan direkodkan dengan teliti. Ia disertakan dengan carta, gambar, dan grafik. Setiap rujukan disertakan dengan notakaki di bawahnya. Permulaannya, penulis mengajak kita untuk mengkaji kisah Yakjuj dan Makjuj melalui inskripsi Yahudi dan Kristian.

Bible Old Testament dan New Testament, menyebut Yakjuj dan Makjuj dengan sebutan 'Gog dan Magog.' Kali ini kita akan menyusuri jejak-jejak teks inskipsi Yahudi tentang bangsa Yakjuj dan Makjuj atau Gog an Magog. Inskripsi Yahudi yang dikaji adalah, Perjanjian Lama (Old Testament), sebahagian daripada Perjanjian Baharu (New Testament), naskah Gulungan Laut Mati (Dead Sea Scrolls) dan kitab Talmud.

Selain itu, penulis turut merujuk kepada tulisan sejarawan Roman berdarah Yahudi, Flavius Joshepus iaitu Jews Wars, Againt Apion dan Antiquities of the Jews.

Menariknya, Penulis adalah seorang graduan di bidang senireka. Beliau memilik Ijazah Sarjana Muda (BA) Teknik Arkitektur dan Ijazah Sarjana (MA) dalam bidang Urban Housing. Kini, beliau sedang menduduki pengajian Doktor Falsafah (PhD) di ITS Surabaya, juga dalam bidang Urban Housing.

BUKU EDISI BARU YAKJUJ DAN MAKJUJ : 5 Gelombang Pembawa Bencana

"Bergembiralah kamu kerana sesungguhnya seorang lelaki daripada kamu adalah sama dengan 1000 orang daripada Yakjuj dan Makjuj" Hadis direkodkan oleh Bukhari.
Buku Yakjuj & Makjuj: Bencana Di Sebalik Gunung (2009) mendedahkan bangsa misteri yang disebutkan di dalam al-Quran, Yakjuj & Makjuj. Isu-isu misteri kian terungkap dengan penemuan bangsa Scythia yang mirip dengan karakter Yakjuj & Makjuj dan Pergunungan Kaukasus sebagai lokasi 'tembok' Yakjuj & Makjuj. Bukti-bukti sejarah kian menunjukkan kebenaran ini. Namun, bangsa Scythia hanyalah satu daripada bangsa Yakjuj dan Makjuj.
Buku Yakjuj & Makjuj: Lima Gelombang Pembawa Bencana ini mendedahkan lima bangsa Yakjuj & Makjuj yang terkenal dengan serangan kejam dalam sejarah * Menghurai keturunan Yakjuj & Makjuj bermula daripada keturunan Nabi Nuh * Sifat yang ada pada Yakjuj & Makjuj terdapat dalam keturunannya sekarang * Apabila tiba masa yang dijanjikan, lima bangsa ini akan kembali menguasai bumi.
Penulis adalah pensyarah di Universiti Brawijaya, Indonesia. Beliau kini dalam proses mendapatkan mendapat Ijazah Doktor dan Falsafah (PhD) dalam bidang sejarah dan peradaban. Beliau menghasilkan karya-karya bestseller seperti Yakjuj & Makjuj: Bencana di Sebalik Gunung (2009), Alexander adalah Zulqarnain (2010), Armagedon: 2012 (2010).

Daftar Isi
Daftar Gambar dan Jadual
Kajian Tafsir: Eksplorasi Kata Kunci Yakjuj dan Makjuj
Al-Quran, surah al-Kahfi ayat 83–99
PerawakanYakjuj dan Makjuj Dalam Tafsir Al-Quran
Yakjuj dan Makjuj Dalam Tafsir Tabari (310 H/910 M)
Yakjuj dan Makjuj Dalam Tafsir Qurtubi (671 H/1271 M)
Yakjuj dan Makjuj Dalam Tafsir Ibnu Kathir
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Yakjuj = Scythian Asiatik; Makjuj = Scythian Eropah
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Sejarah Perebutan Kekuasaan di Timur Tengah – Yunani – Asia Utara – India – China Serta Peranan Bangsa Yakjuj Makjuj
Letupan-letupan Dari Padang Rumput Eurasia: Gelombang Keluarnya Yakjuj Makjuj
Pembahagian Masa Keluarnya Yakjuj Makjuj Menurut Abul Kalam Azad
Letupan Yakjuj Makjuj Dari Padang Rumput Eurasia
Tujuh Tinjauan Penting Dalam Menelusuri Rumpun Bangsa Yakjuj Makjuj
Lima Gelombang Keluarnya Yakjuj Makjuj
Gelombang I Keluarnya Yakjuj dan Makjuj: Serangan Suku Aryanomad ke Mesopotamia dan India Abad ke-21–12 SM
Aryanomad Berasal Dari Padang Rumput Eurasia
Gelombang I (2100–1800 SM): Serangan Yakjuj Makjuj Aryanomad Terhadap Mesopotamia
Nabi Ibrahim Selamat Daripada Serangan Aryanomad
Sekilas Kisah Epik Hijrah Nabi Ibrahim
Nabi Ibrahim Bapa Epistemologi Monoteisme
Angin Timur Pembawa Bencana Kebuluran
Inilah Penindasan Yakjuj Makjuj Aryanomad Dari Eurasia Sebagai ”Kehinaan” (asfalin) yang Menimpa Para Penentang Ibrahim
Serangan Aryanomad ke Atas Mesopotamia Menyebabkan Bangsa Hyksos (Al-Baidah daripada kabilah Amaliqah) Berhijrah ke Mesir
“Arya” Dalam Bahasa Arab
Keteguhan Ibrahim Mewariskan Ajaran Monoteisme Tauhid Kepada Anak-Anaknya
Penghijrahan dan Serangan Hyksos Dari Mesopotamia ke Mesir
Gelombang II (1800–1500 SM): Serangan Yakjuj Makjuj Aryanomad ke Atas India
Topografi India: Inikah “Negeri di Antara Dua Buah Gunung” (bainas saddaini)?
Beberapa Gelombang Serangan Aryanomad ke Atas India
Serangan Aryanomad Masa Rig Vedik: Penghancuran “Vrtra” (Empangan) Sungai Indus Milik Bangsa Dravida
“Ya–Ju Maa–Ju” Adalah “Pasukan Cepat Berkereta Kuda”
Garis Masa Lembah Indus dan Serangan Aryanomad
Teori Kelima Serangan Aryanomad ke Atas India
Bangsa Aryanomad Membunuh Lima Juta Penduduk Hitam “Dasyu”: Satu Usaha Balas Dendam
Pembinaan Empangan Sungai Indus: Penyebab Konflik Awal Dengan Bangsa Aryanomad
Ayat-Ayat yang Berkaitan Dengan Peperangan Dalam Veda
Rumpun-Rumpun Bangsa Penghuni India Lama Selepas Serangan Aryanomad
Serangan Tanpa Henti Aryanomad ke Atas India Menyebabkan Rumpun Bangsa India Peribumi Melarikan Diri ke Asia Tenggara
Sejarah Masuknya Agama Ibrahim Ke India
Suku Parsi Dalam Veda
Beberapa Jejak Ajaran Monoteisme yang Tersimpan Dalam Veda
Dalam Veda Juga Ada Nama Yang Serupa Dengan Ibrahim
Brahmana = Birrahmana?
Bani Israel dan Tradisinya di India
Perang Suci Bangsa Aryanomad
Sinkronik–Diakronik Sebab-Sebab Serangan Suku Yakjuj Makjuj Dari Steppe Eurasia ke Atas Mesopotamia dan India
Gelombang II Keluarnya Yakjuj dan Makjuj: Serangan Suku Scythia–Cimmeria ke Timur Tengah Abad ke-8–3 SM
Ancaman Dari Sebalik Pergunungan Kaukasus
Yakjuj dan Makjuj Memintas Pergunungan Kaukasus
Faktor-Faktor Pendorong Keluarnya Scythia
Serangan Yakjuj Makjuj Scythia Terhadap Bangsa Cimmeria (750 SM)
Serangan Yakjuj Makjuj Scythia Terhadap Bangsa Hitti di Urartu (743 SM)
Serangan Yakjuj Makjuj Cimmeria Terhadap Bangsa Israel Utara di Samaria (721 SM)
Serangan Yakjuj Makjuj Scythia Terhadap Bangsa Media (675 SM)
Serangan Yakjuj Makjuj Scythia Terhadap Bangsa Palestin, Mesir dan Syria
Serangan Yakjuj Makjuj Scythia Terhadap Bangsa Assyria di Niniwe (612 SM)
Serangan Yakjuj Makjuj Scythia Terhadap Bangsa Israel Yudea di Jerusalem (587 SM)
Serangan Yakjuj Makjuj Scythia Terhadap Bangsa Chaldea Kasdim di Babylon (539 SM)
Alexander The Great (356–323 SM): Penakluk Yakjuj (Scythian Asiatik) dan Makjuj (Scythian Eropah)
Alexander Memasuki Daerah di Antara Dua Gunung (Gunung Pamir dan Tien Shan) di Lembah Fergana
Alexander Bertemu Bangsa Yang Hampir Tidak Memahami Percakapan: Fergana = Foreign (F-R-G-N) Bererti “Kaum Yang Tidak Faham” Percakapan Yunani
Alexander Mendirikan Tembok Besi di Pergunungan Tien Shan Bagi Menghalang Gerakan Yakjuj dan Makjuj Scythian Menuju ke Lembah Subur Fergana
Alexander The Great Inilah Yang Disebut Zulqarnain Dalam Al-Quran
Alexander Menakluki India Hingga Keturunannya Membentuk Keluarga Raja-Raja Sailendra (Srikandar/Iskandar)
Keluarga Raja-Raja Sailendra Melarikan Diri ke Jawa dan Berjaya Membina Candi Borobudur (824 M)
Sebahagian Keluarga Sailendra Ini Juga Melarikan Diri (Melayu) ke Sumatera Hingga Melahirkan Keturunan Raja-Raja Melayu
Gelombang III Keluarnya Yakjuj dan Makjuj: Serangan Suku Hsiung-Nu ke China Abad ke-3–1 SM
Xiongnu Adalah Rumpun Bangsa Yakjuj (Scythian Asiatik)
Dinasti-Dinasti China
Keadaan Geografi Lembah Sungai Kuning, China
Kuda “Ma”, Hsiungnu Yakjuj Makjuj dan China
Tembok Besar, Bukti Serangan Yakjuj dan Makjuj ke Atas China
Period Serangan Yakjuj dan Makjuj (Xiongnu) ke Atas China
Alasan Serangan Suku Barbar Yakjuj Makjuj Ke Atas China
Serangan Yakjuj Makjuj Xiongnu Pada Masa Dinasti Chou/Zhou
Serangan Yakjuj Makjuj Xiongnu Pada Masa Dinasti Ch’in
Serangan Yakjuj Makjuj Xiongnu Pada Masa Dinasti Han
Kaisar Wu Ti ”Maharaja Perang” Dinasti Han (140–87 SM): Serangan Balik Terhadap Xiongnu
Tiga Tahap Strategi Wu Ti
Tahap I: Ekspedisi Perisikan Wu Ti ke Pusat Pemerintahan Xiongnu
Wu Ti Mengirim Chang Ch'ien Menuju ke Barat Bagi Memujuk Yueh-Chih
Tahap II: Ekspedisi Pembebasan Wu Ti
Tahap III: Ekspedisi Persahabatan Bagi Mengukuhkan Hegemoni Wilayah Dinasti Han
Ekspedisi Barter Kuda ke Fergana, Asia Tengah
Kesan Tekanan China Terhadap Xiongnu: Eropah dan India Terancam
Ratapan Perang di China Utara dan Kedamaian di China Selatan
Garis Masa Peperangan China Melawan Yakjuj dan Makjuj
Gelombang IV Keluarnya Yakjuj dan Makjuj: Serangan Suku Hun Ke Eropah dan Asia Abad ke-3–4 M
Hun adalah suku campuran rumpun bangsa Makjuj (Scythian Eropah) dan Yakjuj (Scythian Asiatik)
Serangan Yakjuj Makjuj Hun (433–454 M) dipimpin Attila
Hun menyerang dan menguasai India (455 M)
Hun memasuki Timur Tengah mengalahkan Parsi (484 M)
Garis masa suku Hun
Serangan Magyar ke Eropah (895–955 M)
Kelahiran Islam dan Ekspedisi pertama menghadapi Yakjuj Makjuj Hun/Turki: Penghalauan kembali ke Eurasia
Pembebasan Azerbaijan daripada anasir Yakjuj Makjuj Hun–Turki
Perkembangan Dakwah Islam: “Dinding Hidup” kedua Zulqarnain, Satu jaminan keamanan Timur Tengah
Garis masa peperangan Islam vs Yakjuj Makjuj Hun (Turki)
Gelombang V Keluarnya Yakjuj dan Makjuj: Serangan Suku Mongol–Tartar ke China, Timur Tengah, Eropah dan Nusantara Abad ke-12–13 M
Mongol Adalah Rumpun Bangsa Yakjuj (Scythian Asiatik)
Pesanan Nabi Muhammad Tentang Keluarnya Yakjuj Makjuj Mongol
Penyebab Awal Datangnya Al Wail ‘Malapetaka’ Yakjuj Makjuj ke Kerajaan Islam 1228 M – 1258 M
Serangan Mongol ke Khawarizmi (1228 M)
Malapetaka Menimpa Dinasti Khawarizmi di Khurasan
“Haa Mim Ain Siin Qaaf”: Kehancuran Dinasti Abbasiyah oleh Yakjuj Makjuj Mongol (1258 M)
Keturunan Dinasti Abbasiyyah yang Lari ke Aceh
Kekejaman Pasukan Yakjuj Makjuj Mongol
Sebab-Sebab Bencana Kekalahan Kerajaan Islam
”Dinding Hidup” Zulqarnain II Itu Sudah Rapuh Dan Roboh
Nabi Muhammad Mengibaratkan Serangan Yakjuj Makjuj Seperti Serangan Belalang
Tradisi Agama Yahudi, Mengumpamakan Pasukan Berkuda Yakjuj Makjuj Sebagai Serangan Belalang
Mimpi Nabi Muhammad Tentang Terbukanya Dinding Yakjuj Makjuj
Barat Mengambil Peluang Keemasan
Serangan Mongol ke China (1215 M)
Mongol Mendirikan Dinasti Yuan Di China (1279 M – 1368 M)
Serangan Mongol ke Eropah (1241 M)
Serangan Dinasti Yuan Mongol Ke Nusantara (1293 M)
Hancurnya Dinasti Yuan Mongol di China (1368 M)
Tembok Besar Diperbaiki oleh Zhu Di, Kaisar Dinasti Ming Ketiga
Garis Masa Dinasti Padang Rumput Mongol Dari Masa Kejayaan Hingga Keruntuhan (1206–1387 M)
Yakjuj adalah Scythian Asiatik (Mongol Altaik); Makjuj adalah Scythian Indo–Eropah
Faktor-faktor Pendorong dan Penarik Keluarnya Yakjuj Makjuj
Lima Kriteria Yakjuj dan Makjuj: Di Manakah Yakjuj dan Makjuj Sekarang Ini?
Pada Masa Ini Tembok Besi Alexander Dan Tembok Semula Jadi (Pergunungan Utara) Sudah Tidak Berfungsi
Benang Merah Kejayaan Umat: Tip Supaya Selamat Daripada Serangan Yakjuj Makjuj
Untuk Kita Renungkan
Garis masa sejarah perebutan kekuasaan di Timur Tengah – Yunani – Asia Utara – India – China serta peranan bangsa Yakjuj Makjuj
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