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Exclusive: Iran Hijacked US drone, Says Iranian Engineer

Iran guided the CIA's "lost" stealth drone to an intact landing inside hostile territory by exploiting a navigational weakness long-known to the US military, according to an Iranian engineer now working on the captured drone's systems inside Iran. Iranian electronic warfare specialists were able to cut off communications links of the American bat-wing RQ-170 Sentinel, says the engineer, who works for one of many Iranian military and civilian teams currently trying to unravel the drone’s stealth and intelligence secrets, and who could not be named for his safety. Using knowledge gleaned from previous downed American drones and a technique proudly claimed by Iranian commanders in September, the Iranian specialists then reconfigured the drone's GPS coordinates to make it land in Iran at what the drone thought was its actual home base in Afghanistan. IN PICTURES: America's Predator drones "The GPS navigation is the weakest point," the Iranian engineer t…


Bulan mula memasuki Penumbra : 19.32 (P4)
Bulan mula memasuki Umbra : 20.46 (U4)
Permulaan gerhana Penuh : 22.06 (U3)
Waktu gerhana Maksima : 22.31
Tamat gerhana Penuh : 22.57 (U2)
Bulan meninggalkan Umbra : 00.18 (U1)
Bulan meninggalkan Penumbra : 01.31 (P1)

Ianya berlaku kesan daripada kedudukan bumi, bulan dan matahari berada dalam satu garisan sewaktu gerhana yang menyebabkan wujudnya tarikan graviti ke ke atas.
Dalam keadaan ini, putih telur dikatakan tertarik ke bahagian atas manakala kuning telur yang sedikit berat berada di bahagian bawah sekaligus mewujudkan keseimbangan.

Prinsip yang sama juga berlaku kepada kejadian pasang surut air laut.Jika dalam keadaan gerhana, di mana bumi, bulan dan matahari berada di dalam satu garisan, maka akan berlakulah air pasang perbani atau disebut juga air pasang besar.

Berdasarkan pendapat saintis, di antara matahari dan bumi terdapat garis medan gravitasi yang mampu mempengaruhi elektron dalam telur sehingga menj…

A deep, dark, secret love affair - Singapore And Israel

Very interesting read, about the formative years of SAF from the perspectives of an Israeli advisor in the early years of SAF.
A deep, dark, secret love affair

By Amnon Barzilai

A team of IDF officers, known as the `Mexicans,' helped Singapore establish an army. It was the start of a very special relationship.

Christmas Eve, 1965, is the unofficial date of the start of the great and continuing love story between Israel and Singapore, a love affair that was kept a deep, dark secret. The international press, like the Israeli media, tried to bring the tale to light. Occasionally, scraps of information leaked out; some were published, some were denied, many were disregarded. The Israelis, as usual, wanted to rush to tell all their friends, but managed to overcome that desire. The fear that the thies would be terminated if they became public knowledge had its effect. Israel imposed a total blackout on the story and the secret was preserv…