Gerhana Bulan Penuh Pada 16 Jun 2011

Pada awal pagi 16 Jun 2011 nanti, penduduk di Malaysia berpeluang menyaksikan Gerhana Bulan Penuh sekali lagi. Ia akan bermula dari jam 1.22 pagi, yang mana ketika itu, Bulan baru sahaja memasuki kawasan bayang-bayang penumbra. Kemudian ia akan memasuki kawasan bayang-bayang umbra pada jam 2.22 pagi.

Fasa Gerhana Penuh secara rasminya akan bermula pada jam 3.21 pagi sehinggalah 5.02 pagi. Kemuncak gerhana ialah pada jam 4.12 pagi.

Yang menarik gerhana kali ini ialah laluan Bulan agak hampir dengan garisan tengah bayang-bayang umbra.


Keterangan berkenaan fasa dan masa gerhana:

Gerhana 16 Jun 2011

Sentuhan Gerhana:

P1 : 01:24 AM (Sentuhan pertama Bulan dengan bayang penumbra Bumi, gerhana masih tidak jelas dengan mata kasar)

U1 : 02:22 AM (Sentuhan pertama Bulan dengan bayang umbra Bumi, bahagian bulan didalam bayang umbra kelihatan kemerahan)

U2 : 03:22 AM (Keseluruhan Bulan memasuki bayang umbra Bumi)

Mak : 04:12 AM (Bulan berada di tengah-tengah bayang Bumi)

U3 : 05:02 AM (Bulan mula meninggalkan bayang umbra Bumi)

U4 : 06:02 AM (Keseluruhan Bulan telah keluar dari bayang umbra Bumi dan memasuki bayang

penumbra. Gerhana tidak kelihatan dengan mata kasar)

P4 : 07:00 AM (Keseluruhan Bulan telah keluar dari bayang penumbra Bumi dan waktu tamat gerhana)

Laluan gerhana bulan Jun 2011 berpandukan kepada masa didalam penulisan diatas.

*Nota: Waktu gerhana di atas berbeza mengikut lokasi anda dan juga ketinggian. Masa digunakan disini adalah berdasarkan kepada garisan GMT+8 sebagai anggaran kasar bagi Malaysia.

China aircraft carrier confirmed by general

China's aircraft carrier is seen under construction in Dalian, Liaoning province (April 2011)The 300m (990ft) carrier, under construction in Dalian, is thought to be nearly finished

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The head of China's General Staff of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) has confirmed that China's first aircraft carrier is under construction.

Gen Chen Bingde refused to say when the carrier - a remodelled Soviet-era vessel, the Varyag - would be ready.

A member of his staff said the carrier would pose no threat to other nations.

The 300m (990ft) carrier, which is being built in the north-east port of Dalian, has been one of China's worst-kept secrets, analysts say.

Gen Chen made his comments to the Chinese-language Hong Kong Commercial Daily newspaper.

Symbol of power

The PLA - the largest army in the world - is hugely secretive about its defence programme.

The carrier was constructed in the 1980s for the Soviet navy but was never completed. When the Soviet Union collapsed, the rusting hull of the Varyag sat in dockyards in Ukraine.

A Chinese company with links to the PLA bought the Varyag claiming it wanted to turn it into a floating casino in Macau.

The carrier is thought to be nearly finished, and is expected to begin sea trials later this year.

But the BBC's Michael Bristow in Beijing says that does not mean it will then be ready to undertake operational duties.

Learning how to operate it - and fly planes off it - will take a few more years to master, our correspondent says.

Lt Gen Qi Jianguo, assistant chief of the general staff, told the Hong Kong Commercial Daily that even after the aircraft carrier was deployed, it would "definitely not sail to other countries' territorial waters".

"All of the great nations in the world own aircraft carriers - they are symbols of a great nation," he was quoted as saying.

Lt Gen Qi said China had always followed a "defensive" principle for its military strategy.

"It would have been better for us if we acted sooner in understanding the oceans and mapping out our blue-water capabilities earlier.

"We are now facing heavy pressure in the oceans whether in the South China Sea, East China Sea, Yellow Sea or the Taiwan Straits," he said.

China is engaged in maritime border disputes with several countries - including Vietnam and the Philippines.

The US has also expressed concern about its rising naval ambitions.

The PLA has invested heavily in submarines. It is believed to be close to deploying the world's first "carrier-killer" ballistic missile designed to sink aircraft carriers while they are manoeuvring at sea up to 1,500km offshore, and it is building its own stealth fighter aircraft along with advanced carrier-based aircraft built from Russian designs.

All of these can target US bases, US ships and US carriers in Asia.


'Dramatic' solar flare could disrupt Earth communications

by Staff Writers
Washington (AFP) June 7, 2011
An unusual solar flare observed by a NASA space observatory on Tuesday could cause some disruptions to satellite communications and power on Earth over the next day or so, officials said.

The potent blast from the Sun unleashed a firestorm of radiation on a level not witnessed since 2006, and will likely lead to moderate geomagnetic storm activity by Wednesday, according to the National Weather Service.

Graphic, BBC

"This one was rather dramatic," said Bill Murtagh, program coordinator at the NWS's Space Weather Prediction Center, describing the M-2 (medium-sized) solar flare that peaked at 1:41 am Eastern time in the United States, or 0541 GMT.

"We saw the initial flare occurring and it wasn't that big but then the eruption associated with it -- we got energy particle radiation flowing in and we got a big coronal mass injection," he said.

"You can see all the materials blasting up from the Sun so it is quite fantastic to look at."

NASA's solar dynamics observatory, which launched last year and provided the high-definition pictures and video of the event, described it as "visually spectacular," but noted that since the eruption was not pointed directly at Earth, the effects were expected to remain "fairly small."

"The large cloud of particles mushroomed up and fell back down looking as if it covered an area of almost half the solar surface," said a NASA statement.

Murtagh said space weather analysts were watching closely to see whether the event would cause any collision of magnetic fields between the Sun and Earth, some 93 million miles (150 million kilometers) apart.

"Part of our job here is to monitor and determine whether it is Earth-directed because essentially that material that is blasting out is gas with magnetic field combined," he told AFP.

"In a day or so from now we are expecting some of that material to impact us here on Earth and create a geomagnetic storm," he said.

"We don't expect it to be any kind of a real severe one but it could be kind of a moderate level storm."

The Space Weather Prediction Center said the event is "expected to cause G1 (minor) to G2 (moderate) levels of geomagnetic storm activity tomorrow, June 8, beginning around 1800 GMT."

Any geomagnetic storm activity will likely be over within 12-24 hours.

"The Solar Radiation Storm includes a significant contribution of high energy protons, the first such occurrence of an event of that type since December 2006," the NWS said.

As many as 12 satellites and spacecraft are monitoring the heliosphere, and one instrument in particular on board NASA's lunar reconnaissance orbiter is measuring radiation and its effects.

"Certainly over the (two-year) lifetime of the mission this is the most significant event," said Harlan Spence, principal investigator for the cosmic ray telescope for the effects of radiation, or CRaTER.

"This is really exciting because ironically when we were developing the mission initially we thought we would be launching closer to a solar maximum when these big solar particle events typically occur," Spence told AFP.

"Instead we launched into a historic solar minimum that took a long, long time to wake up," he said.

"This is interesting and significant because it shows the Sun is returning to its more typical active state."

The resulting geomagnetic storm could cause some disruption in power grids, satellites that operate global positioning systems and other devices, and may lead to some rerouting of flights over the polar regions, Murtagh said.

"Generally it is not going to cause any big problems, it will just have to be managed," he said.

"If you fly from the United States to Asia, flying over the North Pole, there are well over a dozen flights every day," he added.

"During these big radiation storms some of these airlines will reroute the flights away from the polar regions for safety reasons to make sure they can maintain communications.

"People operating satellites would keep an eye on this, too, because geomagnetic storming can interfere with satellites in various ways whether it is the satellite itself or the signal coming down from the receiver."

The aurora borealis (Northern Lights) and aurora australis (Southern Lights) will also likely be visible in the late hours of June 8 or 9, NASA said.

Sun unleashes a 'spectacular' solar storm

Massive blast 'nothing we really have to worry about,' astrophysicist says

The sun unleashed a massive solar storm Tuesday in a dazzling eruption that kicked up a vast cloud of magnetic plasma that appeared to rain back down over half of the sun's entire surface, NASA scientists say.

The solar storm hit its peak at about 2:41 a.m. EDT, but the actual flare extended over a three-hour period, said C. Alex Young, a solar astrophysicist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center who runs a website called The Sun Today, in a video describing the event.

"The sun produced a quite spectacular prominence eruption that had a solar flare and high-energy particles associated with it, but I've just never seen material released like this before," Young said. "It looks like somebody just kicked a giant clod of dirt into the air and then it fell back down."

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft caught high-definition video of the flare in different wavelengths. The event registered as a Class M-2 solar flare, which is a medium-class sun storm that should not pose a danger to satellites or infrastructure on Earth.

An alert by the NOAA-operated Space Weather Prediction Center stated that the solar flare could create a strong geomagnetic storm on Wednesday from the event's coronal mass ejection (CME), an explosion of charged particles triggered by the flare. Geomagnetic storms can lead to stronger-than-normal displays of Earth's auroras, also known as the northern and southern lights.

"It's nothing we really have to worry about," Young said in his video. "It's just really, really beautiful."

The coronal mass ejection is directed at Earth and moving at about 3.1 million mph, SDO mission scientists said in a statement

"Due to its angle, however, effects on Earth should be fairly small. Nevertheless, it may generate space weather effects here on Earth in a few days," they added.

In the SDO videos, the solar flare erupts from the lower right of the sun and triggers the intense coronal mass ejection, which blows plasma and particles high up into the sun's corona — its outer atmosphere — with some raining back down.

SDO mission scientists said the flare kicked up relatively cool gas and material.

"It is somewhat unique because at many places in the eruption there seems to be even cooler material —at temperatures less than 80,000 Kelvin," SDO scientists explained.

A temperature of 80,000 Kelvin is about 143,540 degrees Fahrenheit. The sun's corona typically has temperatures ranging from 900,000 degrees F to 10.8 million degrees F. It can reach tens of millions of degrees when a solar flare occurs.
The sun is currently going through an active period in it is 11-year solar weather cycle. The current cycle is called solar cycle 24.

Several NASA spacecraft are keeping constant watch on the sun for flares and CMEs, and serve as an early-warning system for major space weather events.

The Sun can be a violent place. That couldn’t have been made any clearer than by a video demonstrating a huge solar explosion which occurred on Tuesday. Now before you start running to your bunker under the belief that the apocalypse is upon us as the result of a huge solar flare, take heart. The ejection caused by the explosion wasn’t facing us. Also, apparently the solar event didn’t even compare to some larger ones in February.

Nevertheless, the solar flare captured in the video is absolutely spectacular, especially when seen in UV light with two different kinds of filters. As you can see in these videos, not only is some of the surface ejected into space as a result of the explosion, some of it returns to crash back into the Sun.

The videos are being provided through which is an open-source project, funded byESA and NASA, for the visualization of solar and heliospheric data. It seems the video of the solar flare was so popular on Tuesday that some visitors to had long movie waits due to the increase in traffic.

It’s incredible to imagine that the explosion viewed in the video resulted in a billion tons of material being ejected away from the Sun. Even more mind-boggling is the fact that a good solar flare can release the same amount of energy as billions of nuclear bombs exploding. One estimate puts the explosion captured in the video over an area of a million kilometers across.

If you think this solar flare is something to behold chances are we haven’t seen anything yet. The solar cycle, which tracks increases and decreases in solar activity, is beginning to peak. That means there is little doubt that more solar explosions are on the way.

Monster Prominence Erupts from Sun


Early this morning (June 7, 2011) an amazingly massive and spectacular event took place on the Sun; a huge prominence eruption, marked by a solar flare and release of energetic particles. Daniel Pendick from the Geeked on Goddard blog described it as a “fountain of plasma that blasts out of the solar surface, spreads outward, and collapses to splat back down.”

“I’ve never seen material released like this before, such a huge amount that falls back down in such a spectacular way,” says Dr. C. Alex Young in the video. “It looks like someone just kicked a giant clod of dirt into the air and it fell back down.” Young added that this event will probably not cause any problems as far as space weather affecting Earth.

This video is courtesy NASA Goddard’ with narration by folks from The Sun Today.

Below are some still images of the event from the Solar Dynamics Observatory and (just added at 1755 UTC) a video from SDO showing the event in several different wavelengths.

These images were posted by the Camilla_SDO Twitpic feed.

A huge and spectacular prominence eruption on the Sun, June 7, 2011. Credit: NASA/Solar Dynamics Observatory

This is the peak of the M2.5 class solar flare, which propelled the plasma into space today. Credit: NASA/ Solar Dynamics Observatory, via CamillaSDO on Twitter.

The SDO science teams says: “The Sun unleashed an M-2 (medium-sized) solar flare with a substantial coronal mass ejection (CME) on June 7 that is visually spectacular. The large cloud of particles mushroomed up and fell back down looking as if it covered an area of almost half the solar surface.”

“SDO observed the flare’s peak at 1:41 AM EST. SDO recorded these images in extreme ultraviolet light and they show a very large explosion of cool gas. It is somewhat unique because at many places in the eruption there seems to be even cooler material — at temperatures less than 80,000K.”

Update: The US National Weather Service Space Weather Prediction center has now warned that the solar flare, one of the largest to occur since December 2006, will likely lead to gemagnetic storm activity tomorrow, Wednesday.

The NWS stated: “A dramatic eruption from an otherwise unimpressive NOAA Region 1226 earlier today is expected to cause G1 (minor) to G2 (moderate) levels of geomagnetic storm activity tomorrow, June 8, beginning around 1800 UTC with the passage of a fast CME. A prompt Solar Radiation Storm reached the S1 (minor) level soon after the impulsive R1 (minor) Radio Blackout at 0641 UTC. The Solar Radiation Storm includes a significant contribution of high energy (>100 MeV) protons, the first such occurrence of an event of that type since December 2006.”

1975 U.S. Navy patent proves the existence of the chemtrail program

You too can see these chemtrails over your cities and towns. Just go outside and look up.

A 1975 U.S. Patent – #3899144 Powder Contrial Generation – submitted by Donald K. Werle, Romas Kasparas, Sidney Katz and assigned through the U.S. Navy describes a dispersion method for a “powder contrail.” – “Contrail generation apparatus for producing a powder contrail having maximum radiation scattering ability” This Powder Contrail Generation patent document proves the existence of the “chemtrail” program – man-made weather manipulation by aircraft chemical dispersal. This patent is part of the United States government’s geo-engineering program.

The patent describes in detail how it can produce artificial contrails. The patent disguises itself as contrail in order to covertly affect climate change.

Contrails are vapor trails that are the visible trails of condensed water vapor made by the exhaust of aircraft engines. Chemtrails are the visible trails of chemicals that are being dispersed by the above patented device which are attached to aircraft.

For decades governments have been claiming that chemtrails don’t exists. Governments claim chemtrails are nothing more than conspiracy theory. They’ve been telling us that what we are seeing in the skies above us are contrails which are made by jet exhaust. This patent debunks government. What you and I are seeing are chemtrails which deceptively appears as contrails.

Should you and I be concerned? Yes, very concerned as the long term effects of chemtrails are no different than crop dusting (aircraft dispersing of chemical pesticides) and Agent Orange (Vietnam herbicidal warfare program).

As with pesticide application in general, crop dusting is associated with a number of environmental concerns, including spray drift, soil contamination, water pollution, and occupational health concerns. Crop dusting involving arsenic powders has been linked to Bowen’s disease.

There is strong evidence that chemical pesticides are associated with chronic diseases, including many cancers. Most states in the United States and some provinces in Canada now ban chemical pesticide spraying because of their proven health risks.

As for Agent Orange the US Department of Veterans Affairs has said exposure to Agent Orange is associated with cancer and other disease. An estimated 400,000 people were killed or maimed, and 500,000 children born with birth defects as a result of aircraft dispersal of Agent Orange over Vietnam.

The sane toxins used to strip the jungles of Vietnam were also employed to clear woods in Ontario and New Brunswick for more than three decades.

From the 1950s, 60s and 70s forestry workers, often students and junior rangers, spent weeks at a time as human markers holding red, helium-filled balloons on fishing lines while low-flying planes sprayed toxic herbicides including Agent Orange on the brush and the boys below.

In September 2007, the Government of Canada offered a one-time, tax-free, ex gratia payment of $20,000 related to the testing of unregistered U.S. military herbicides, including Agent Orange, at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Gagetown in New Brunswick during the summers of 1966 and 1967.

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Everyone can help reduce food shortages and high food prices at home

The back yard vegetble garden is the solution to food shortages and high food prices.

The United Nations is warning us that the world food supply is dwindling rapidly and food prices are soaring to historic levels. Thanks UN for telling us something we already know. We see the price hikes every day in our local supermarkets. Why not tell us something that most of mankind doesn’t know about.

Like, what is the real reason for dwindling food stocks? The UN knows the answer. It is because of the newest arsenal in the United States military – the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) and chemical cloud seeding (chemtrail).

The United States government launched World War III immediately after Barack Hussein Obama was sworn in as president of the United States of America. Obama has been authorizing the United State military to use the most destructive covert weapon of mass destruction called HAARP and chemtrail against foreign states and even against the food producing states of the United States.

HAARP is a weather modifying and earthquake inducing weapon that targets civilians. This weapon wasn’t developed to be used against opposing foreign military forces. It was developed to kill civilians by creating massive flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.

According to the Global 2000 Report (commissioned by President Jimmy Carter on May 23, 1977) the United States government’s mission objective is to kill off billions of innocent people “by famine, starvation, disease or biological warfare”.Heavy rain created by HAARP and chemtrails causes flooding which destroys crops – the food that billions need to remain alive.

When the US government launched HAARP attacks against China, Pakistan and Australia in 2010 and Canada and the fertile Mississippi River region in the spring of 2011 their goal was to destroy the crops of the target country by floods.

HAARP and chemtrails are both cause and effect weapons of mass destruction. Both are now being used by the US government (Obama) to cause massive flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. The desired effects of these weapons are mass destruction, famine, disease and the death of billions.

Now that you know the real reason why there is a food shortage and what is causing it what can you do to help reduce the effectiveness of these weapons — food shortages, high food prices, famine, disease and death? What can you do that will save you money and at the same time save yourself and your family from malnutrition or even starvation? The answer to both questions is – plant a vegetable garden in your back yard.

Instead of mowing your lawn all summer use your back yard to grow fresh vegetables and help feed yourself and your family. If you live in the country but work in the city plant extra so that your city dwelling co-workers can also benefit. Word of advise.

If you do decide to put in a vegetable garden in you back yard buy some cheap clear plastic painting drop sheets and some poles to build a green house style dome over your crops. If there is too much rain your crops will either rot in the ground or drown.

Erecting a simple dome over your vegetable garden will prevent HAARP from drowning your fragile crops and protect them and your family from the chemtrail toxins.

Build the dome in such a way so that you can remove it on hot sunny days. Crops needs direct sunlight in order to grow into healthy nutritional foods.

Planting a vegetable garden in your own back yard not only reduces the risk of a global food shortage and high food prices it saves you a lot of money. Furthermore when you grow your own food you will always know where the food came from, how fresh it is and whether or not they’ve been poisoned or contaminated with pesticides. Bon app├ętit

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18 Destinasi Dan Tempat Penting MESTI DIKUNJUNGI Di Sekinchan

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