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China's new aircraft carrier: what's in a name?

BOSTON — The Chinese military’s first aircraft carrier could set sail later in 2011. Its neighbors fear that the vessel’s putative name may provide a worrying hint as to what its main purpose might be.The ship is rumored to be called the Shi Lang, after a Qing Dynasty admiral who in 1681 conquered the Kingdom of Tungning — a territory better known today as Taiwan.If it is christened as such, the political implications would be obvious, said Tsai Der-sheng, head of the Taiwanese government’s National Security Bureau.Shi Lang’s historic parallels run deep.One of China’s staunchest strategic priorities is to bring Taiwan — which it regards as a rogue province — back into its fold. The island has essentially been independent since 1949, when Mao Zedong’s ragtag communist army overthrew China’s Kuomintang government, whose supporters fled across the China Straits (carrying an eye-popping fortune in national treasure).Likewise, in the17th century, Taiwan served as a refuge for the derelict …

Iran Hit With New "Cyber War" Computer Virus

Iran 'targeted by new computer virus'Official says Stars - the second virus to attack country's network in eight months - is under investigation by experts. Last Modified: 25 Apr 2011 17:47 Email Print Share Send Feedback Iran has blamed Israel and US for a virus attack last year that reportedly targeted Bushehr nuclear plant [AFP]Iran has been targeted by a new computer virus in a "cyber war" waged by its enemies, according to a senior military official of the Islamic republic.Gholam Reza Jalali, commander of civil defence, told the semi-official Mehr news agency on Monday that the new virus, called Stars, was being investigated by experts."Certain characteristics about the Stars virus have been identified, including that it is compatible with the [targeted] system," he said.He said that Iranian experts were still investigating the full scope of the malware's abilities.Jalali played down the impact of Stars, but said it is "harmonious" with com…