Sunday, 17 July 2011

What Amazingly Prayer In First Time?

Each prayer time really shows the transition energy changes the universe that can be measured and observed through changes in natural color.

I think the changing colors of nature is something that is more familiar to those involved in photography, right?


For example, at the dawn of nature in the blue spectrum corresponding to frequencies that affect the thyroid metabolism.

So the blue or the time of dawn has secrets related to the bidder / provision and communication.

They are often missed or delayed in time Subuhnya repeatedly, eventually will face the problem of communication and provision.

This is because the natural energy of blue light is not absorbed by the thyroid that have to happen in the soul and body together (simultaneity of space and time) - in other words keep from sleeping.

Here too we can tap the secrets of prayer ordered ahead of time.

The onset of morning prayer time, energy, environment at that time was at an optimum level.

This energy will be absorbed by the body through the concept of resonance at the bow and prostrate.

So they delayed the actual Subuhnya have got the energy is not optimal yet.


Next natural color changed to green (Isyraq & Light) and then the yellow mark anytime during Zuhr.

Spectrum of colors at this time is equal to the frequency of stomach and liver associated with the digestive system.

This yellow color has a secret related to the fun.

So they often miss or delay Zuhurnya repeatedly in his life will have problems in the stomach and lost his cheerful nature. People are central abdominal pain not happy?


Then the natural color will change to orange, the inclusion of the Asar where the color spectrum at this time is equal to the frequency of prostate, uterus, ovaries and testes, which includes the reproductive system.

Orange is the secret of creativity.

People often miss the Afternoon will be lost creativity, and worse if the Asar Posted body and soul are separate (sleep la).

And do not forget, ni Asar energy needed by our reproductive organs.


By sunset, the world changed to red and at this time we are often advised by the elders not to be outside the house.

This is because the color spectrum in this time approaching the frequency of the jinn and demons (infra-red), and this means that the Jinns and demons are so powerful at that time because they are resonant with nature.

They are on the way also preferably stopped before this time (dawn prayer before it) because a lot of interference (diffraction) occurs at this time which could confuse the eye.

Secret sunset or red is the confidence, the frequency of muscle, nerves and bones.


When the time came for Isaac, the world changed to the color of Indigo, and the next phase of Darkness.

Isha is secrecy order and peace at any frequency equal to the control system of the brain.

They often miss Isyaknya will always be in distress.

Alam are now in darkness, and frankly, this is the time to sleep in Islam.

Sleep at this time is called delta sleep, where the entire body system is in relaxation.


After midnight, the universe began to shine again with white, pink and then purple where it is equal to the frequency of the pineal gland, pituitary, and hypothalamus talamus.

The body should rise again at this time and in Islam this time called Qiamullail.

That briefly is the relevance of prayer time with the colors of nature.

People are already aware of the importance of this natural energy and this is the factor of the various methods of meditation created as taichi, qi-gong, and so on.

Everything is designed to absorb the energies of nature to the body system.

We as Muslims should be grateful to have di'kurniakan 'laws prayers of Allah without having to think about how to absorb the energy of this nature.

This fact should convince us that God requires prayer of His servant on the nature of his loving and caring as the creator because He knows His servants is very, very much in need of his.