F-16 Israeli Fighter Jet Crashes In Syria

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GLOBAL: One of the two pilots who ejected from an Israeli F-16 downed early Saturday was seriously injured. Both pilots parachuted to safety in northern Israel and were taken to hospital. 

The F-16 was hit during an IAF air strike against an Iranian facility in Palmyra, which early Saturday launched a UAV into Israeli air space. The drone was downed by an Israeli Apache and recovered intact.

According to local media, Apache helicopter downs Iranian drone that entered Israel, triggering alarms in Beit She'an region; IDF attacks Iranian targets in Syria in retaliation; Syrian return antiaircraft fire, F-16 pilots ejected and are alive; IDF: 'Incident is ongoing. Iran dragging the entire region to an adventure and will pay the price.'

An IDF Apache helicopter successfully intercepted early Saturday an Iranian drone that infiltrated Israel and originated from an airfield near Palmyra, Syria. The army later attacked targets in Syria and an F-16 was downed and crashed in Israel, with its pilots bailing out. Both pilots are alive. "Iran is dragging the region into an adventure and will pay the price for it," the IDF said.

A series of alarms once again sounded just before nine in the morning in communities in the Jordan Valley and Upper Galilee.

Saturday's events began when an alarm sounded at 4:25am in Beit She'an and the Gilboa and Emek HaMa'ayanot Regional Councils. The IDF initially said the alarm was not triggered by fire directed at Israel, and later released a statement elaborating on the events that transpired.

sing a fighter jet, the IDF intercepted an Iranian drone launched from Syria that infiltrated Israeli territory," the message said. "The aircraft was picked up by air defense systems at an early stage and was under surveillance until it was downed.

Syrian television, meanwhile, quoted a "military source" in saying that, "Israel carried out new aggression early morning against one of the army bases in the country's center, and our air defense mechanisms resisted and hit more than one plane."

Alarms were preceded by an explosion

Residents reported increased IAF aerial traffic in the Beit She'an Valley region and near the Jordanian border starting around 4am. Further alarms blared in the Golan Heights later, and sounds of the aerial activity were audible in northern and even central Israel.

Residents of one of the northern kibbutzim said they heard a distant explosion before an alarm sounded, and added they saw a helicopter flying over the Jordanian border. Some of the kibbutzim, however, received notification that the alarms were caused by a malfunction.

Alarms sounded again at 5:45am—this time in the Golan Heights and, highly irregularly so, in the northern Jordan Valley. Residents of said regions also reported hearing explosions and elevated aerial activity.

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