Honda Reveals Newest, Innovative And Futuristic Mobility and Robots


HONDA officially revealed its for newest innovative and futuristic mobility and companionship robots, part of the company's 3E (Empower, Experience, Empathy) program. 

Endgadget reported that Honda plans to develop the platforms with a variety of like-minded partners as part of the company's "open innovation" approach.

Yoshiyuki Matsumoto, president & CEO of Honda R&D Co., Ltd described the company's position saying: "Honda views robotics not as something in conflict with people, but as an opportunity to expand their potential. 

We have entered an era when robotics will become increasingly visible and essential in our everyday lives and have the ability to unlock human potential." 

In addition to the robotics concept, Honda says that in 2018 they will invest in mobility, and energy management. As part of this investment, Honda announced they are partnering with six startup companies to demonstrate technologies that relate to autonomous vehicles and advanced connected cars.

The Newest Products Includes:

1. 3E-A18, a companion robot that shows compassion with its facial expressions.

2. 3E-B18, a chair-like mobility device for indoor and outdoor use that could double as a baggage cart or stroller.

3. 3E-C18, a small electric mobility device with multi-functional cargo space.

4. 3E-D18, an autonomous off-road vehicle for work activities.

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