Monday, 25 April 2011

Facebook befriended by CIA and NSA

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg attends a town hall meeting with US President Barack Obama

The National Security Agency (NSA) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) are both now using Internet social networks like facebook, MySpace and Twitter to spy on you. “Why do we need expensive organizations like the NSA and th CIA to spy on US citizens when we can just use facebook and MySpace?” said one White House insider back in 2007 – when George W Bush was president of the United States.

The revelation was first made after both the CIA and NSA considered suing facebook for intellectual property infringement. “We invented this sh.t,” said one whistleblower. “The whole thing about spying on people and building up profiles? We started that. Hell, even the word ‘profile’ is ours. So we’re going to nail their asses for infringement of our intellectual property.

A congressman with links to defense committees, stated: “In this modern, connected world, do we really need these old-fashioned organizations? The interweb pipes already contain more data than these agencies can collect. These days, if I want information on, well, anything, I don’t bother with government sources. I just ask my nine year-old daughter to use the Google.

Defense contractors, including Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics, already exploit publicly accessible web sources as part of their homeland defense, trusted traveler and border security systems. These use data mining techniques, scouring personal websites, blogs, social networking sites and Internet forums. The systems build profiles on people who are suspected, or might be suspected, or might have met someone who is suspected of being a terrorist, a drug baron, an activist or who is in some other way ‘special’.

The amount of data we can build about people is incredible. Take photos. Some people are worried that the federal government is building a database of driver’s license and passport photos. But why would we bother? All we need to do is scrape Facebook, MySpace and Flickr. That way, we gets lots of pictures of you, with different expressions, different lighting conditions, different angles. And you kindly label the pictures for us — not just yourself but all your known associates. And you tell us where and when the pictures were taken. That’s really cool. These days, we don’t bother following people, we just check out their Flickr albums.

facebook users’ ‘friends’ lists are now an invaluable spying tool for the CIA and the NSA. “Do you have any idea how much work it takes to build a list of known associates? It can take weeks, years. With Facebook and MySpace, it’s all right there. And the really bad guys don’t even have to have Facebook accounts. We just need to find one of their friends, associates or contacts who does and bingo! We have the whole network right there. I mean, if you’ve come into contact with a terrorist, or someone who’s met a terrorist, or anyone else we deem untrustworthy, then that’s reasonable cause for suspicion, right? I mean, you’d want us watching someone like you, right?

facebook is a social networking service and website that was launched in February 2004. As of January 2011, facebook has more than 600 million active users. Users create a personal profile, add other users as friends, and exchange messages, including automatic notifications when they update their profile. Additionally, users may join common interest user groups, organized by workplace, school or college, or other characteristics. In order to use the facebook system and interact with others you must sign up. If you don’t sign up you can’t access facebook. Even though it is free the fact that you must sign up raises a red flag as to facebook’s true purpose. Once signed up you are required to add as much very personal and very private information as possible – information that they have no business collecting. If you fail to comply with their long list of rules you are locked out but your existing profile becomes the property of facebook. You are not allowed to log in to deleted your profile or any information that you posted. Even though your log in is denied your personal and private information remains and is shared World Wide. Identity thieves, spammers, financial scammers, the CIA, the NSA and the US government can, without your knowledge or consent, access your profile and use it against you or use it for their own financial and political gain.

PRESS Core recently took facebook for a test drive. Hundreds of readers of this website wanted to be friends with the editor. However, and for very good reasons, the editor refused to add anyone to his friends list. Not out of arrogance, ignorance or spite but because it quickly became apparent that anyone who was added to his list would also be added to a CIA or NSA list. Out of respect for the readers’ privacy and to protect their identity the editor of PRESS Core declined every request. The editor didn’t want you, and the other 15 million + readers, to suffer as a result of what is written on this website.

For the past 10 years the editor has been tracked, harassed, verbally attacked, physically assaulted, financially sanctioned, kicked out on the street by his landlord and fired from several jobs – all because of articles written on the and websites. Because of all of this the editor of chose to spare its facebook readers the same fate by declining to add anyone to his friends list.

The editor first suspected that facebook was being used to spy on its members after he was locked out of his account by facebook. Today when he tries to access his profile the following error message is displayed: “Your account has been disabled.

facebook is demanding phone numbers, addresses and proof of identification from the editor of facebook claimed that his account was fraudulent and facebook policy is that only people who provide an actual photo of oneself and real name are allowed to be members. The editor, Paul W Kincaid, was just one of the very few people who actually used a current photo of himself and used his real name in the profile and both were displayed to all to see. Most facebook user disguise their identity with a caricature, photo of an object or animal and a bogus user name.

This denial of service by facebook is exactly why the editor of declined adding anyone to his facebook friend’s list. Because he refused to help the CIA and the NSA compile a profile and a list of known associates and readers of PRESS Core facebook disabled access to it.

The goal of PRESS Core is to inform the public, to end all wars, to bring about peace, to free the occupied and oppressed, to protect and preserve your rights, privacy and freedoms, to help the sick, to reveal the cures for all diseases, to reveal new energy technology that will free the World of oil dependency, to expose political corruption and to make our politicians accountable for their illegal acts.

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