Taiwan-Based Firm Reveals Supercomputer


A Taiwan-based international firm revealed the country’s fastest computer, according to local media reports.

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. or Foxconn Technology Group, one of world’s biggest contract electronics-maker with customers such as Apple, revealed on Dec. 26 a high-performance computing system, Taiwan Today reported Thursday. 

The supercomputer is “three times faster than any other supercomputer in Taiwan, underscoring the nation’s high-tech expertise and cutting-edge R&D capabilities,” the weekly newspaper reported. 

The new system will be used in various areas including sports data analysis and animation imaging as well as the health care industry, it added. 

“The company said the supercomputer will be able to quickly analyze, compare and process a vast array of images and data from medical tests and samples,” the newspaper added. 

The system is operated at Kaohsiung Software Technology Park in southern Taiwan and operates "at 6 peta floating point operations per second, equivalent to the computing power of around 5.4 million iPhoneXs,” the newspaper said, quoting the company.



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