Nuclear Radiation - Fears and Genetic Manipulation?!

Thousands of people staged anti-nuclear rallies in Tokyo and other Japanese cities on Saturday, as radiation continued t
The crippled Fukushima Daiichi power plant, three months after a powerful earthquake and tsunami triggered one of the world's worst nuclear disasters.

With the situation getting worse by the minute, authorities have added four new areas in northern Japan to the list of places affected by radiation originating from the nuclear plant.
Three of the four are in the Ryozenmachi area, including about 180 households some 50 kilometers (31 miles) from the Fukushima plant, said Takayuki Sato, a Date city official. Government data of the three hot spots showed an estimated radiation level between 20.1 to 20.8 millisieverts per year. By comparison, the average resident of an industrialized country receives a dose of about 3 millisieverts per year. The fourth spot is in the Haramachi neighborhood of Minamisoma, 33 kilometers away from the plant but outside of the area where the government has ordered targeted evacuations. The four new areas are outside the evacuation zone. - CNN.
Meanwhile, the Japanese government has detected radiation above the legal limit in tea grown in Shizuoka, the heart of the nation's green tea industry, prompting a recall.
A tea dealer has started a recall of the dried tea after measuring about 679 becquerels of caesium per kilogramme in leaves at a tea factory in the city of Shizuoka, prefectural officials said. The legal limit is 500 Bq/kg. Earlier this month Japan banned the shipment of green tea leaves from all or part of four other prefectures around Tokyo - Chiba, Ibaraki, Kanagawa and Tochigi - after radioactive caesium above legal levels was found in samples. Shizuoka prefecture will carry out sampling tests at some 100 other tea factories in the area next week, although the caesium was at a level unlikely to affect human health, the prefecture said. It was the first detection of radiation above the legal limit in tea grown in Shizuoka prefecture, southwest of Tokyo, where some 35,000 tonnes of dried tea is produced annually. "We believe the source of the radiation was the Fukushima nuclear power plant," a prefectural official said. - The Telegraph.
As fears mount over the nuclear leak at the tsunami-ravaged plant, a new radiation alarm have been ignited after a rabbit born close to the facility was discovered with no ears, suggesting some form of genetic mutation.
Locals have been left wondering whether this earless bunny, which was reportedly found near the facility at the end of last month, is the first sign of side effects from the nuclear catastrophe.
The Fukushima plant suffered catastrophic damage when a tsunami, triggered by an earthquake, swept through the facility in March, destroying reactors. Following a blast at the plant that caused the initial leaks, Japanese officials warned people living near Fukushima to stay indoors, turn off their air conditioning and stop drinking tap water.
Since then, experts have been nervously watching radiation levels in the area around the plant to determine the extent of the leak. Earlier this week it was revealed the Japanese government has more than doubled the estimate for the amount of radiation released by the plant. The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency - a government watchdog - also said during a briefing in Tokyo that it is now believed that reactor cores in some of the units at the plant melted more quickly than previously thought. - Daily Mail.
WATCH: Ear-less rabbit sparks worries about radiation.

It seems quite obvious that the pollution from the dumping of thousands of tons of radioactive water into the sea by the Japanese will move further out in the Pacific Ocean, enter fresh water locations and ultimately end up in the food chain. These moves by Japan that was used to "curtail the leaks," have only made the matter worse.

Much worse. When you consider that Tokyo Electric had made a singular dump of 11,500 tons of radioactive water in just three days, then you will realize the magnitude of this crisis given that they have been doing this method of disposal since March. 11,500 tons is approximately 3 million gallons of water, since water is about 8.5 pounds per gallon, which is equivalent to about 10 spent fuel pools (each pools holds around 300,000 gallons).

Although, the company believes that this radiation will be quickly diluted, the dumping of so much radioactive water into the ocean will not only contaminate the sea life, but mutate it and that of human life, by extension.Maybe that is the purpose all along, using these radioactive elements to modify the planet and humanity. The word SHIMA taken from Fukushima and Hiroshima, the first city in modern history to be destroyed by a nuclear weapon, refers to places in Japan or the land of Japan.

Just like the word HIRO. If you consider the dropping of the atomic bomb by the United States on Japan in 1945 and now this crisis at the nuclear power plant , you have to wonder if you are not looking at a deliberate plan to alter or modify the properties of land, the Earth


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