Seismic Evidence Reveals Underground Nuclear Detonation South of Washington DC

Seismology charts are now revealing that the 5.8 magnitude tremor that rattled the entire East Coast including Washington DC was not a natural earthquake but an earthquake that resulted from an underground  nuclear detonation.  
The image above is a seismograph from Washington and Lee University, (similar one found on website) about 85 miles southwest of the earthquake’s epicenter in Mineral.  
The green lines indicates the tremor that was felt in Washington DC which caused damaged to the Washington Memorial and the Washington National Cathedral.  The black lines is a transparent overlay of a seismograph from a pdf file from Virginia Division Mineral Resources on Earthquakes.  That file describes a typical natural occurring earthquake as:
“When a fault ruptures, energy is released in the form of seismic waves. The first waves to reach the earth’s surface are primary or “P” waves (Figure 2). P waves are compressional waves that travel at a speed of about four miles per second near the surface – faster as depth increases. 
The next waves to reach the earth’s surface are secondary or “S” waves. S waves are shear waves that move at a speed of about 1.5 miles per second. P and S waves are body waves that travel through the earth much like sonar waves travel through water. 
Surface waves, which are slower than S waves, travel along the surface of the earth much like waves at the surface of the ocean. S waves and surface waves cause the most destruction at the earth’s surface.”
What is missing from the seismograph for the Washington DC area 5.8 magnitude earthquake are the primary or “P” waves.  All earthquakes that are the direct result of fault rupture have these primary or “P” waves. 
 Nuclear detonations do not.  Underground nuclear detonations are very violent and immediate with no forewarnings whatsoever. An underground detonation would account for the missing “P” seismic waves for the Washington DC 5.8 magnitude earthquake.  
If you’ve ever witnessed a controlled demolition of a building you would no doubt describe the earth tremors as millions of people are now describing what it felt like on August 23, 2011 all along the East coast.

Air Force tunnel boring machine links deep underground military bases across U.S.
I was pointed to this overlooked piece of evidence by someone who claimed to be with the United States Air Force.  
The story submission appeared to be sent by mistake as nothing was visible in the body of the submission.  Instead of sending it to the trash I thought I would apply an old intelligence trick I was taught back in 1989.  
I right clicked my mouse on the body of the submission and selected all, then copy.  
I then opened up the notepad and selected paste from the menu.   You would expect nothing to be pasted as there was nothing in the body of the submission but, just as I thought, a paragraph was pasted into the notepad.  
What was revealed was 1 paragraph whereby who ever sent it stated he was a member of the United States Air Force.  
He stated that the Virginia 5.8 magnitude earth “wasn’t a natural earthquake and not a HAARP earthquake”.  He told me to find a seismograph of the Washington DC area earthquake and compare it to a past earthquake. 
 Then he stated that I should Google DUMB or Deep Underground Military Bases.  He ended by stating “the ABC warnings are real”.  I tried to trace the IP of the submission but they don’t exists.
Based on the discrepancy between a natural earthquake and an underground nuclear detonation (used seismographs from the North Korea underground nuclear detonation and past U.S. underground nuclear tests), it would appear that yes there was an earthquake but an earthquake created as a result of an underground nuclear detonation.  
It would also appear that the United States Air Force has intercepted a nuclear bomb that was being transported via the deep underground tunnel systems that links secret deep underground military bases across the United States, to Washington DC.  
It would appear that some people in the United States Air Force are taking action to prevent another false flag attack on US soil.  It is good to know that there are still people in the United States military who are upholding their oath to defend the United States from all its enemies, both foreign and domestic.
U.S. military personnel, dedicated to protecting the United States, its people and the United States Constitution have intercepted CIA/MOSSAD nukes that were in transit from the CIA’s underground Denver base to Washington DC on August 23, 2011.  
The CIA/MOSSAD were transporting the nukes underground in tunnels built by the United States Air Force that connects secret underground bases throughout the United States.  
In case of a cataclysmic natural disaster or nuclear attack the United States government now has the means to go underground and stay underground for weeks, months, years or until such time as it is safe to return to the surface.  
Those tunnels makes it possible for the president and a handful of others to escape Washington DC via underground to other parts of the country not affected by a natural cataclysmic disaster or nuclear attack.
The U.S. military allowed the nukes to be transported out of Denver (the CIA base is under Denver International Airport) to what they call safe areas.  
Safe areas were preselected to minimize the damage and nuclear fallout should the people that were transferring the nukes prematurely detonated the nukes.  
The two earthquakes that struck the U.S. yesterday August 23, 2011 were the result of the U.S. military efforts to prevent another false flag attack against the United States.  
Thanks to those brave men and women those nukes were intercepted in scarcely populated remote areas.  The first interception took place outside of Trinidad and under a mountain and the second interception took place under farmland 84 miles SW of Washington DC.   No major damage has been reported above ground.
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