Tuesday, 22 November 2011

FEMA/DHS uploaded remote access Trojans to communication system on November 9/11

The true purpose of the November 9/11 nation wide emergency broadcast test and communication shut down has been leaked.  According to a FEMA insider the November 9/11 DHS/FEMA exercise was malicious in nature.  The United States shadow government (the Federal Reserve) used the event to upload remote access  malware code to the United States’ communication network on November 9/11.
Every communication system, excluding governmental and military systems, in the United States has been intentionally and maliciously affected.  Public utility systems are affected.  Every communication dependent system and business will be affected.  
The Air Traffic control system will be affected.  Banks will be affected.  News reporting will be affected.  Even the emergency warning system will be affected.  Most importantly (to the anti-American FEMA and the DHS), nuclear power plant systems have been compromised.
On November 19, 2011 Federal authorities said they are investigating a report of a water pump failure in Illinois’ capital city.  Local news agencies reported that the failure was the result of a cyber attack.  
Hackers allegedly gained remote access into the control system of the city water utility in Springfield, Illinois, and destroyed a pump.  The November 9/11 DHS/FEMA exercise did exactly that – gained remote access to all U.S. radio and television broadcasting systems across the United States and temporarily shut them down.
Why is this recent event significant?  The shadow government of the United States has been preparing to launch simultaneous nuclear false flag events against the United States.  They have already conducted several test runs that will trigger these nuclear false flag events on U.S. soil.  In June of 2011 they remotely accessed the Salem Unit 2 nuclear plant and shut down a reactor coolant pump.  
The cyber attack put the plant in “hot shutdown” mode.  A reactor coolant pump shutdown could cause a core meltdown, as was clearly demonstrated in Japan following the HAARP triggered earthquake on March 11, 2011.  A 20 mile wide radius has been permanently evacuated as a result.
Then on August 23, 2011, in the aftermath of 2 underground nuclear detonations, they tried to cause a meltdown of Dominion’s North Anna reactors, 11 miles from the Virginia underground nuclear detonation.   
North Anna and twelve other nuclear power plants in New Jersey, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Maryland declared a “Notice of Unusual Event”.  A “Notice of Unusual Event” was declared at 13 nuclear power plants because all were simultaneously, remotely accessed.  Nuclear power plants officials reacted quickly to sever the remote access link to their cooling pump systems and major nuclear false flag attacks were averted.
Don’t think a software upload can trigger a major nuclear catastrophe in the United States?   That is exactly what happened on March 7, 2008.  The Washington Post reported “A nuclear power plant in Georgia was recently forced into an emergency shutdown for 48 hours after a software update was installed on a single computer.  
The incident occurred on March 7 at Unit 2 of the Hatch nuclear power plant near Baxley, Georgia. The trouble started after an engineer from Southern Company, which manages the technology operations for the plant, installed a software update on a computer operating on the plant’s business network. … when the updated computer rebooted, it reset the data on the control system, causing safety systems to errantly interpret the lack of data as a drop in water reservoirs that cool the plant’s radioactive nuclear fuel rods. As a result, automated safety systems at the plant triggered a shutdown.”
Had the automated safety systems at the plant been compromised the outcome could have been entirely different.  Preparing to cause multiple nuclear power plant cooling system shutdowns was the true intent of the November 9/11 FEMA/DHS exercise.