Sunday, 25 November 2012

Chinese Naval Jet Performs First Deck Landing

BEIJING, November 25 (RIA Novosti) – A Chinese Shenyang J-15 fighter jet has successfully carried out the first arrested deck landing on the country’s only aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, Xinhua reported on Sunday citing naval sources.

This achievement marks a crucial step in the development of China’s ambitious aircraft carrier program as landing tests of carrier-based aircraft are the most challenging to perform.

“Capabilities of the carrier platform and the J-15 have been tested, meeting all requirements and achieving good compatibility,” the Chinese Navy said.

The J-15s had made many landings on land-based mock-ups of Liaoning’s deck and performed a number of touch-and-go take-offs and landings during sea trials last month before attempting an arrested landing on the deck of the aircraft carrier, according to Chinese naval experts.
Since the Liaoning entered service in September 2012, its crew has completed more than 100 training and testing programs.
The Admiral Kuznetsov class Varyag aircraft carrier was 70% complete when China bought it from Ukraine for $20 million in 1998. Before being sold, the ship was disarmed and its engines were removed.

China launched a complete overhaul of the ship in 2002, also developing carrier-based aircraft. Beijing has repeatedly insisted the carrier poses no threat to its neighbors and that it will primarily be used for training and research.
The 1,000-ft vessel is designed to carry 26 aircraft and 24 helicopters.

BEIJING (AP) — China's official news agency says the country has successfully landed a fighter jet on its first aircraft carrier.
Xinhua News Agency says the landing exercise marked the debut of a J-15 fighter jet, a carrier-based fighter-bomber developed by China.
Citing unnamed naval sources, Xinhua said Sunday that the carrier platform and J-15 capabilities met all requirements and achieved "good compatibility."
Xinhua says the J-15 is able to carry anti-ship, air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles and precision-guided bombs.
China's Liaoning ship formally entered into service in September, underscoring China's ambitions to be a leading Asian naval power. But it is not expected to carry a full complement of planes or be ready for combat for some time.

Gempar Awan Berwarna Warni

suasana, atmosfer, awan, warna, warna-warni, efek
 Gambar Hiasan

MELAKA: Penduduk Kampung Balai Panjang, Melaka Tengah, di sini, gempar seketika selepas melihat satu tompokan awan berwarna-warni di langit, pagi semalam.

Kejadian disedari kira-kira jam 11.30 pagi apabila seorang penduduk yang menyaksikan fenomena itu memaklumkan kepada penduduk lain.

Menurut seorang penduduk, Mahat Baba, 55, dia menyedari kejadian itu apabila dimaklumkan jiran selepas pulang dari pasar.

“Sebaik sampai ke rumah, saya nampak ramai orang berkumpul sambil memandang ke arah langit dan terkejut selepas diberitahu mengenai perkara itu.

“Kepulan awan itu mempunyai sekurang-kurangnya lima warna dan dapat dilihat dengan jelas, malah ada penduduk merakam gambar itu menggunakan telefon bimbit,” katanya ketika ditemui di sini, semalam.

Menurutnya, kepulan awan berwarna-warni berkenaan bagaimanapun mulai hilang selepas kira-kira setengah jam kemudian.

Katanya, kejadian itu pertama dialami penduduk kampung dan menganggapnya sebagai kebesaran Allah.

Residents in Malacca intrigued by 'jellyfish' clouds

MALACCA: Locals and tourists looking for a place to eat about noon were surprised to see a patch of white clouds with stripes of lightning blue, pink, green, red and yellow against a blue sky.

The unusual ‘jellyfish’ clouds which attracted the attention of residents and tourists in Malacca yesterday. Pic by Rasul Azli Samad
The clouds, could be seen from almost all parts of Malacca, before they disappeared after about an hour.
According to a spokesperson from the Meteorological Department, the phenomenon occurs when the sun is at a low angle and there is moisture, dust and pollutants in the atmosphere.
The usual colours which would appear in this situation are shades of blue, grey, orange, maroon, yellow and red.
The unique clouds which were in the shape of a jellyfish with its tentacles in different colours, was also captured by New Straits Times photographer Rasul Azli Samad from Kampung Balai Panjang here.
Members of the public were also seen taking pictures of the phenomenon with their cameras, handphones and camcorders.
One of the residents of Kampung Balai Panjang, Mahat Baba, 55, said he noticed the unique clouds upon returning from the market and was informed by a neighbour.