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Map showing earthquakes

Aussies react as large earthquake shakes holiday island of Bali

Bali earthquake
The aftermath of the Bali quake. Picture: @bbcommunity/Twitpic Supplied
Bali quake
People rush onto the streets in the aftermath of the Bali quake. Image: gajahbiru/Twitpic Supplied
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UPDATE 3.57pm: AN earthquake measuring at least 6.0 on the Richter Scale has struck the Indonesian tourist island of Bali.
Indonesian authorities said the quake, which struck at 2.16pm AEDT and was centred 100km southwest of Denpasar, had a magnitude of 6.8 and struck at a depth of 10km. However, the USGS put the magnitude at 6.0 and the depth at 61km.
The Hawaii-based Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said there was no current tsunami warning in effect.
Department of Foreign Affairs staff in Canberra confirmed the quake but said it was too early to say whether there had been any injuries.
Early reports from Australians in Bali suggested sections of a supermarket ceiling in the popular Seminyak area had collapsed but no shoppers are believed to be injured.
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Jack Chisholm, who runs a surfing business two blocks from the supermarket, said he felt the ground start to shake shortly after lunch today.
"It was like you were standing on the deck of a boat in a heavy sea,’’ the former Geelong resident said.
Footballers holidaying on the island were quick to react on Twitter.
Collingwood's Travis Cloke posted: "Ok that was different, earth quake in Bali. It was a good 20sec of rock and rolling!". 
St Kilda's Jason Gram didn't seem the worse for wear, tweeting: "Just had my 1st earthquake hahaha awesome".
Radio 3AW reporter Larisa Tait, at a resort near Seminyak, was among the large numbers of Australians holidaying in the region.
"We were all lying by the pool, and the ground started rumbling beneath us … we thought it may have been construction down the road, but then staff came running, yelling earthquake! earthquake!"
"There was quite a big shake at the end, it probably only lasted 20 to 30 seconds."
Bali quake supermarket

Products knocked from supermarket shelves after a quake struck Bali today. Picture: @arthermulyadi / Twitpic

Strong shaking was felt for several minutes in the main tourist district of Kuta, said Endro Tjahjono from the Bali office of Indonesia's Meteorology and Geophysics Agency.
"There was panic, everyone ran out of the buildings. When we returned to our office building, we saw some cracks on the wall and plaster had come off the walls,'' he told AFP.
Hundreds of tourists and staff were evacuated from Hardy's, a major department store in the town of Sanur.
Many leaving the store believed they had initially heard gunfire, but it was most likely plaster falling from the ceiling.
One local man, a westerner, said such earthquakes were quite common.
Bali boy building evacuated
The quake caused the evacuation of the police headquarters in Denpasar where a 14-year-old Australian boy is being detained.
Hundreds of people poured out of the police headquarters and surrounding buildings after the quake struck, but the prisoners at the police lock-up remained inside the building after being let out of their cells.
The teen has been held there since being arrested for allegedly buying a small amount of cannabis last week.
Tourist Andrea Eyden, who is staying in Seminyak, told PerthNow that residents raced into the street after the earthquake hit.
"We have just had a big earth tremor, whole house rocked, residents raced into the streets," she said.
"(Semynak) villa has lots of new cracks but we haven't seen anywhere else ... it sure shook us up."
Channel 7 reporter Geof Parry, in Bali covering the arrest of the 14-year-old Aussie, told ABC radio the tremor lasted up to a minute and was widespread.
"A big tremor was felt all over Bali," he said.
"A colleague of mine in Kuta was evacuated from their hotel.
"It lasted 45 seconds to a minute and just increased and increased."
Another twitter user, @sshearmaines, described the tremor.
"Just experienced my first ever earthquake tremor or volcanic eruption! The whole villa was shaking!"
Indonesia sits on the Pacific "Ring of Fire'', where the meeting of continental plates causes high seismic activity, and is frequently hit by earthquakes.
Quake hits off US
Meanwhile, a moderate 5.9-magnitude earthquake also rumbled off the coast of the US state of Oregon, the US geological survey said.
There was no immediate tsunami warning or reports of damage.
The USGS said the epicentre was 221km west of the seaside town of Bandon in the southern part of the northwestern US state, at a depth of 10km below the earth's surface.
For families concerned about family in Bali, or those in Bali needing assistance, call the DFAT emergency hotline on 1300 555 135 (Outside Australia +61 2 6261 3305)
By Hamish Heard, Ed Gannon, Matthew Schulz and wires

Indonesia's Bali rattled by large quake
BALI, Indonesia (AP) — A powerful earthquake hit waters off Indonesia's resort island of Bali, sending people fleeing homes and hotels in panic. No tsunami alert was issued.
globe showing location of 10-degree map
The U.S. Geological Survey put the preliminary magnitude of Thursday's quake at 6.0 and said it was centered 60 miles (100 kilometers) southwest of the island.
It struck 36 miles (60 kilometers) beneath the ocean floor.
Indonesia's geological agency put the quake's magnitude at 6.8.
The reason for the discrepancy was not immediately clear.

An earthquake of 6.2 magnitude struck off the Indonesian resort island of Bali on Thursday, the US geological survey said. (Image courtesy of USGC)

The police headquarters in Denpasar where a 14-year-old Australian boy is being detained has been evacuated following a large earthquake.
The 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck off the island of Bali at 11.16am local time on Thursday (1416 AEDT), according to the US Geological Survey.
It was not clear if the boy had been evacuated from the building, where he has been held since being arrested for allegedly buying a small amount of cannabis last Tuesday.

An earthquake of 6.2 magnitude struck off the Indonesian resort island of Bali on Thursday, the US geological survey said. 

The epicenter of the quake was about 160 kilometers southwest of the island’s main town of Denpasar. There were no immediate reports of damage or casualties.           

There are reports of moderate to strong shaking in southern Bali, including the capital Denpasar.

The quake was felt as far away as Surabaya, the capital of East Java.

Indonesia's Metrology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BKMG) said the earthquake had a 6.8 magnitude and was 10 kilometers deep and 143 kilometers southwest of Nusa Dua. 

The BKMG said there was no risk of a tsunami.

Quake of 6.2 strikes off Indonesia's Bali, says USGS

BALI (Oct 13, 2011): An earthquake of 6.2 magnitude struck off the Indonesian resort island of Bali on Thursday, the US Geological Survey (USGS) said.
The epicentre of the quake was about 160km southwest of the island's main town of Denpasar. There were no immediate reports of damage or casualties, according to Reuters.
"There are massive traffic jams on the island now," said the Sun reporter Alyaa Alhadjri who is in contact with her relatives on the resort island.
They could feel tremors while travelling in a van in Kuta town at about 11.30am this morning, she added.
-The Sun Daily-