Sunday, 28 August 2011


Download this Schumann resonance mp3 (right mouse click over link and select “Save Link As…”) and save to your computer, cell phone or portable media player and play it during a severe storm. 

 If you don't hear a sound you're not suppose to hear anything - the sound is inaudible to the human ear.  The 7.83hz creates a positive standing wave of energy that builds up over time and helps to reestablish the positive healing energy of the earth itself. 

 The Schumann resonances can undo or cancel out HAARP weather modifying and earthquake inducing broadcasting frequencies. It also can disperse Chemtrails.   If played during severe weather storms like hurricanes or predicted earthquake event the Schumann resonance cancels out or simply alters the HAARP storm or earthquake inducing electromagnetic frequency. 

 This MP3 will help the Earth defend and heal itself.  You would also be protecting yourself, your family and home from the harmful and destructive HAARP attacks like Hurricane Irene.

The Schumann resonance mp3 is 100% free to download. It hasn't been pirated. I, Paul W Kincaid (the editor of PRESS Core) made the MP3. I give everyone permission to share it with as many people as you want. 

So share it with everyone you know. Text the link to everyone. Tweet it, Facebook it. Email it. It is the frequency that connects us with the Earth. Our brain is tuned to 7.83 Hz. NASA installed Schumann wave generators (7.83 Hz) on the International Space Station. 

The first manned space flights created considerable physiological problems for astronauts, and it was only through the installation of Schumann wave generators that the side effects were remedied.
“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." ~ Edmund Burke