Saturday, 21 May 2011

Strange Planetary Alignments, May 21-May 30th, FEMA, New Madrid Shakedown

First I want to show you a strange planetary alignment that is offset from the Sun, but does involve Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury and Earth. That’s on e line-up. These line up quite closely between now and May 30th.

Aside from that, there are some things we should take note of:

1. FEMA/Homeland Security are in the New Madrid area with their 2011 mass ”exercise” for a “major earthquake.

2. We have seen numerous HAARP/ TESLA signatures over the New Madrid area which has led to severe weather, massive rains and record-breaking flooding. It appears that all of this is weather warfare related, and one more “softening up” blow to bring America down. Accu weather says more rain is on the way, and more “signatures” are showing up over this region.

3. We have had transformers blowing up all over the nation and this can only happen if there is some sort of electromagnetic anomalies happening over the United States.

4. We have reports of “strange cosmic rays” bombarding the polar regions, especially the Antarctic region.

5. The Middle East is clearly a powder keg ready to explode, and Obama is dead set upon a PA state and dividing Jerusalem. It appears that Israel’s leadership will go along with some sort of division as well. If we force that, the United States WILL BE DIVIDED AS WELL, and that most likely along the New Madrid Fault Zone.

6. Dr. Doom, remote viewer Ed Dames, insisted on Coast to Coast that St. Louis was going to get struck by a very large quake.

Now then to the strange alignments – and remember that Comet Elenin is not in this picture – have to do more research to find out exactly where Elenin is…

Notice that Saturn, Earth and Jupiter are almost in alignment her as well, with the Sun slightly offset.

Keep your eyes open and be ready for anything – because we are in very anomalous times.