Monday, 28 March 2011

China In Numbers

GDP Per Capita (nominal) (2010 data)

Source: International Monetary Fund

Human Development Index (HDI) (2010 data)

Source: UNDP

Life Expectancy at Birth (2010 data)

Source: CIA World Factbook

GNI per capita (nominal, Atlas method) (2009 data)

Source: World Bank

Military Expenditure (2009 data)

Source: Stockholm International Peace Research

Mobile Cellular Subscriptions (per 100 people)
(2008 data)

Source: World Bank

Press Freedom List 2010

Source: Reporters Without Borders

*Finland, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland share the number 1 ranking, each with a score of 0

Reserves of foreign exchange and gold (2010 data)

Source: Wikipedia

Internet Users per 100 People (2008 data)

Source: UNDP

Democracy Index 2010

Source: Economist Intelligence Unit (PDF - 3MB)

Gender Empowerment Measure (2009 data)

Source: UNDP (PDF - 114KB)

Infant Mortality Rate (2010 data)
Deaths of infants under one year old in a given year

Source: CIA World Factbook